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I miss Monty Don!, but I will have a go at getting my lavender looking good this yr. Cheers for that video clip.
great tips Monty, had wonderful lavender last year, lovely in cakes and cookies, put some in your pocket when you go out and every now and then you can touch the Lavender to create a lovely sent in the air. and of great benefit placed under your pillow at night, great stuff.
video too short
so lovely to see monty again...miss him loads.....this video has answered my question as to why i'm never successful with lavender!!.....USE GRIT!!
Good video but too short and it is not clear when is the best time to plant and hard prune, as he just says "now".


That'll be why I struggle with lavender - my garden soil is clay-based. Drainage is obviously the key!
Very useful - but how annoying that the camera is more on Monty rather than what he's doing. I'd have liked to see him trimming the plants in more detail.
Was over all too quickly, wanted to hear when the best time is to prune back and when they can be moved frustrating!
Yes what time of year do we prune back hard and when is best to plant young plants out with the grit of course??
Not what I expected - followed the link to find out how to take lavender cuttings and grow new plants. No information on that at all! Interesting tip about the grit though, I'll do that (next time!)
I also would like to know what time of year do we prune back hard
I also would like to know what time of year do we prune back hard
thanks to Monty I'm going to try a lavender garden next year. But, didnt say when to prune????
cant be bothered to watch :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(
Emma Crawforth

Hello peter65,

Prune lavender in summer after flowering. Cut off the old flowers and a small amount of new growth i.e. about 3cm. Do not cut into old growth as it will not regrow. You can also trim a little off the new growth in spring. It is well-worth trimming annually as you'll keep the bush nice and compact that way, ultimately giving it a longer life.

Emma team


Thanks Emma.

I've also just discovered Dark chocolate with Lavender. Utterly yum. Although I had to share it.

Hi Emma,

Good tips from Monty but, according to other info about lavender that I've come across it says to put lime in soil, and to plant near a rock or wall for warmth and protection from winds but Montys were in an open bed ??

I will definately be adding a load of grit to my new bed.


Lavender is wonderful used in baking. Simply add several tablespoons of lavender flowers to a large jar of caster sugar, pop the lid on and leave for a few weeks. The flavour will infuse with the sugar and can be used when making a victoria sponge, giving a delicate flavour. Also the flowers, which are edible, can be sprinkled on top or with the icing. Makes a stunning looking cake.
I hate these videos - would much rather have the option of choosing a script so can copy and save.