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I have just bought some lily bulbs and planted them in pots. They are growing very well and hopefully will enjoy their beautiful flowers soon. I always visit this site and read all informations regarding plants and try to apply it to my garden. As a beginner this feature is very useful and encouraging to me. I have now started to have confidence to grow any plants in my garden with the useful guides and information on this site. Thank you very much and CHEERS to Gardeners World.
Thanks for all the great advice. We still have a great display of lillies in our pots. I am deadheading regularly. What next? When should I cut them down and what do I do with them over the winter?
do lillys only flower once ? I have three tubs of lillys two tubs the heads are going black the other tub is very green and looks as though it may flower again ,should i just dead head all three tubs? Lorraine
i was given 6 sky scraper lilly bulbs by my mother in law. not really knowing wot to do with them, i planted all 6 together in a very large tub and waited. to my suprise they all grew and i have had a wonderful array of colour all summer. now all the petels have dropped off, im not sure wot to do next. do i cut them down or do they die back on there own? wot do i do with them over the winter? any advice would be greatfully recived. :-) x
looking at the picture it looks as though you are cutting back down the stem below all the flowers. If I were to do this I would be cutting of atleast 12" of my plant.
Should I just cut off just below each flower


Two of my tiger lilies have snapped off just above ground level while still in bloom. Have I lost the bulbs, or will they ever flower again?

Hi, lillies are very forgiving and will shoot up in spring despite neglect(thank the Lord!)

I grow them in large pots on the patio purely to control the slugs and snails and also so I can enjoy them from the house in bad weather. I just wish I could control the dreaded lily beetle! I generally leave the stalks and leaves till they die down as I hope the bulbs will benefit. I give them a slow release feed in the spring and have never been disappointed. So chill, you'll have real beauties next year. They do not need any protection in winter(I am in the SE) although, occasionally I do top up the pots with spent compost.

flowering rose

one thing to remember when dead heading lilies or in fact coming into contact with them is to be mindful that the stem ens will leave a nasty mark on you with their pollen.If they do best to brush off lightly do not wet.dead heading is just taking off the old head and beware of that dreaded Lilly beetle or you will have no lilies next year!

i have 18 tree lillies that flowered beautifully, now the petels are dying off and im not sure how or where to dead head them. nor wether i have to cut them down to ground level when they die back completely. any advise.


I always understood that you should not leave the seed pod on after flowering, just break it off and leave the stems to die back like you should all bulbs, to put back the goodness into the bulb. It works for me and my 5 pots of different varieties always flower well every year. But after flowering is the time to feed the pots/plants as it's taken a lot of energy to produce such beautiful blooms.

I have 3 lilies in a pot, not sure what sort, but they grow up to a metre and flop, I stake them but it spoils their natural beauty, I gave them a drop of tomato feed every few weeks, could that bd why?


It may simply be the variety you're growing - some of them are very tall and best in a border with other planting to support them or disguise any staking. The shorter varieties - up to about 3 feet - are best for pots, because they make a nice clump which will hold together well without support 

Todays  project says -

Lilies are bursting into elegant and colourful blooms at this time of year. It's a dramatic sight, and one you can prolong by simply removing the flowers as they fade.

This says that it will "prolong flowering". It might tidy it up a bit but will it have any effect on flowering? Never knew you could get more flowers by "disbudding" with lilies.

I've got some concern that deadheading lilies might not have the same impact as with other plants. I have the pink scented variety and cutting away the finished flowers didn't yield any more blooms. Moreover, I have recently collected the bulbs from the plants to find just 1 per plant.

My gut instinct says that if I had left the flowers, I would have received more bulbs - or seeds but that works as well. Is there a more general rule that plants that produce bulbs might not produce more blooms through deadheading?



I just cut the head off.  That stops it making seed. I leave the stem and leaves, so that the bulb for next year builds up. The bigger the bulb, the better the flower next year.


I do the same Fidget

If you allow the seeds to form the bulb will be weaker the following year and produce fewer and smaller blooms. 

If I understand his final sentence correctly, Frank 4004 seems to be under the misapprehension that deadheading lilies will produce sideshoots and more flowers as with delphiniums, lupins etc, but this is not so.  Each bulb produces just the one flower spike, as with other bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinth etc. 

Thanks Dove, that clears things up nicely.

I have always deadheaded my lilies, but this year I am going to try sitting on my twitching fingers and not doing it. It's going to be hard for me.

The reason for this radical idea is the neighbour I acquired 3 years ago. She brought with her a huge container of pink and white (Lollipop?) lilies. They flowered superbly and she now has 4 such containers, all full to bursting with flowers.

She does nothing to them except the occasional feed. Never dead heads. She seems to get very few of the non-flowering spindly babies that I get lots of. Just loads of strong stems loaded with flowers. .A magnificent display, much better than mine..

I don't understand how this works but I'm going to give it a try. Fingers crossed, if only to stop them reaching out and snapping dead heads off!

  My neighbour's lilies

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