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great thank you
thanks monty
Last year I grew my carrots in an old bath on the allotment, it was so successful that I have now acquired 2 more baths. The carrot fly can't fly high enough to get into the bath. It is so great to have Monty back!


geoff fearn
this is a big problem I have so I am going to sow in a deep bag and cover with mess

just sow in a raised border, does not have to be that high to deter them and try growing strong smelling herbs or crops e.g garlic, onions near by. They can be grown in a greenhouse before the hot weather kicks in, its works for me.

Last year I grew the variety 'Resistafly', and it was the first time that I didn't have a problem with root fly.

I grew the variety 'Resistafly' last year for the first time, and it was also the first time that I didn't have a problem with root fly.

Last year I planted carrots in deep containers placed 15 to 18 inches above ground level. The fliies fly at less than this height. I had no problem with carrot fly at all

great thanks monty
would a 3ft. raised bed be ok.
Really useful to know about covering the carrots with fleece to avoid carrot root fly. I'll try that this year.
Very simple and yet do-able. Thank you Monty and Gardeners' world.

I too had a real problem with carrot fly. A neighbour on the allotment used a deep box with fleece, I tried it and it worked. I then went on to buying a 10mtr x 30mtr insect proof net and have had no problem since with the carrot fly. Also the net does not have to be replaced every season as fleece does, so nruns out cheaper in the long run.

Can you tell me how you know you have carrot fly. I ve just spoted sort of rust spots on my soil around the carrots which I planted in little recycled pots on a high shelf in my green house.  I now want to transplant them and have found 5 with a rust looking marks on the soil and sides of pots.  Anyone help please ????


when do you remove the fleece

Carrot fly shows as yellowing foliage.  Of course it's when you pull the carrots and see the damage.

My carrots are covered from seed sowing time until mid June when I'm pulling carrots.

Those batches not being pulled remain covered.  

Fleece is foolproof, easy and organic



I now have little mushrooms aound this pot guess its a sort of fungus. .  Ive now put in the green house in large tub the pots will disintergrate they dont have yellow foliage so fingers crossed Ive also covered with fleece thank you Verdun

Hiya june

You can keep fleece on carrots as they are picked. 

However when I start picking I remove fleece

Hiya pash....bump.   Lol