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For hostas in pots, try spraying around the base with WD40 (top tip from a hosta grower) it does work, but obviously can't do that with hostas in the border! Just make sure leaves aren't touching shed or another plant that the slug can airlift in by!!!!

Also we have heavy clay, it's actually yellow when you get down a bit. Mulch for England. Dig well rotted compost in where poss and then mulch. I tend to use peatfree organic, some are really reasonably priced - Vitalearth 4 bags for £10 currently. On the plus side of clay - roses love it!

All the best

The cheapest method I have found is baking foil cut into strips and stuck round the rim, or on raised beds pinned around the edge of the bed sides and leave a quarter inch gap. Tape a piece of fine wire to each of the ends where the gap is, then tape each wire to a small torch battery either to each of the poles positive and negative, or the positive end and the bottom which would be negative of a small round battery, as soon as the slug or snail touches the foil it gets a shock, works every time. Test it with a small pot before you spend time doing all pots or beds, even half dead batteries are enough to deter them.
Any ideas please as to where/what sort of shop sells adhesive copper tape? Many thanks
Steve66 wrote (see)
Any ideas please as to where/what sort of shop sells adhesive copper tape? Many thanks

I'd imagine most reasonable sized garden centres would stock it Steve. Certainly if you are near a B&Q or Homebase they have it





I got copper tape online.  

Copper pipe works very well .....ello, ello, ello.  


Many thanks.

Keyser Soze

I've used old cable, stripped to bare copper, wrapped around pots and twisted together where it meets. This seems to do the trick.

I don't think it's the width of copper, but just the substance itself which when wet seems to take on a small electrical charge.

I've found this works better with two lots of cable set about 1/4 inch apart so any persistent slugs will span the two and get a better shock!

A bit fiddly sometimes as it seems to slide down the cone shape of the pot but I've stuck mine on with silicone and when using fresh pots turned upside down overnight until it cures.


Sheep wool laid in a circle around the stem of plants works.  


I've never used copper tape. I moved to Devon 2 years ago and our soil is dense solid clay with a liberal sprinkling of solid rock. Mulch , mulch and mulch again: anything coarse will do. I contacted local tree surgeons and one now drops off shredded tree material which otherwise would go to landfill. Try that, it's free and, added to grass clippings makes great compost.

The other piece of advice I'd give is ,  BEFRIEND BLACKBIRDS AND THRUSHES. I have over 200 hostas and I never have to use pellets. Sprinkle the suet based bird food around and the blackbirds will be onto it, and the slugs, snails and their eggs at the same time. Don't use bird seed as much of it will germinate on open soil.

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