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It is good to be reminded to feed the plants in the garden especially the ones in pots as they can't fend for themselves, when we've trapped them in pots.
How long can you keep chicken pellet for, I have some from last year, will it still be effective?
I can't get the link to how to create a fragrant garden - I keep coming to a how to on broccoli... help please!
Can anyone tell me the correct fertiliser for grapes in pots please
when is the best time to replant camelies?


I have a small garden with fruit trees, fruit bushes and a arch with white grape on the left and black grape on the right, but I would like to know the best time to prune and how much to prune the trees by? can you advise on this or may be books that will help.
It is most important to feed plants in borders and pots as Kay Curtis mentioned in her comment back in March. I use either chicken pellets or growmore and a watering of tomato food to plants when in bud once a week.
My runner beans and sweet peas slow growing - I used soil from neighbours old raised beds with compost underneath - fed once with tomato fertiliser. How often can you feed ? I believe I read you should not over feed and I have no experience so am nervous of doing this. Also is wood ash high in potash fertiliser ? Can I use bonfire ash to feed plants. Is tomato fertiliser ok for all fruit and veg and also for flowers ? Froginhood
I have a large tub of nettles in water to use as fertiliser, from last year. It looks very strong. Can anyone tell me the correct dilution to use it please?
Although I am 65 and have just retired, I am relatively new to 'gardening' I am enjoying every minute! Any information I am able to obtain through your publication will be invaluable. Thankyou.
i have two 5ft. acers in large pots which lost a large amount of their leaves at the same time, the remainder of them seem ok although a a bit brown they are in ericasous compost they are watered regularly but still appear one degree under, any ideas what to do to liven them up?
I've just bought a hydrangea plant from Morrisons - it states feed weekly with high potash fertiliser. What exactly is potash fertiliser. I've never grown them before
The Manic Slughunter

Can i use the ash from my indoor open fire on my garden vegetable patch? I have only burnt wood and paper (and maybe 4 cubes of firelighter). Or if not the vegetable patch on the flowerbeds? 

I grow hardy orchids in both pots and in the garden. They benefit from liquid feed. My problem is do I add even more water by liquid feeding when everything is already saturated
I have several outdoor pot plants. How often should I use liquid feed on them? Also, I have a palm in a very large pot which this year looks a bit sad, very yellow. Is it okay to use liquid feed on this? Also, does bamboo in pots need feeding?


I am a total beginner. I have seen chicken pooh on sale as a soil feed does it work???
Hi Ann, potash is another name for potassium which is important for plant growth. You can buy it in garden centres and maybe some big stores. Not sure if it comes in granules but you can get it in a box in powder form and add it to your watering can. Hope this has helped you in some way. I have only been gardening for the past five or six years and it has been a lovely journey, especially learning all these new things and I'm still learning. I don't know too much about the ins and outs of all these feeds but I think I know enough to get by now. Barbara
Woodgreen wonderboy

Chicken poo good, can't really go off

Feed all plants in pots with weak (1/2 strength) tomato feed every week when growing. Tomato feed good for just about everything( including grapes,) as all fertilisers have basicaly same ingredients but in varying proportions. By limiting yourself to one, i.e. Tom. fert., you can buy large bottles/packs more economically. Can't go very wrong.

Woodash good but not too close to plant or might "burn"

Acers can lose leaves to wind burn. They can dry out quickly as they have very thin leaves.

Potash can be bought in garden centres. Again tom.fert. high in potash

Plant camellias any time, preferably in acid soil or ericaceous compost if in pots. if you haven't got acid soil the latter may be best. Water mainly with rainwater. Keep nice and moist/wet in autumn as this will encourage flower bud formation for spring flowering. Feed with special camellia food, and twice a year dose with Iron Sequestrene to encourage take up of food.

Dilute nettle juice 10 to 1 with water.

If any of the above is incorrect others should add or correct it please


Do I need to feed my flower garden this time of the year I am a fairly new Gardner and have lots of different flowers and bulbs planted ,thank you Avril Prowse
Woodgreen wonderboy

If you have light sandy soil almost any feed at this time of year will wash away and be largely wasted. Also as the plants are entering their dormant phase they aren't looking for food anyway. I would wait until you see the first signs of growth next spring and off you go.

Bulbs have all they need to flower next year, but you should feed them while they are in growth to set them up for the next year.

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