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ceris hughes
Would like to see similar projects for aluminium greenhouses. would love to know how to get the bubble wrap to stay up, how to fix up a shelf for bits & bob's etc. Anyone got any idea's to share?
Paul N

Hold on a sec. Are we asking about guttering, bubble wrap or shelving? Attaching bubble wrap. Garden centres sell plastic whatsits for the very purpose. Shelving. They will also sell tiny right angled brackets and special alloy nuts & bolts. I've just fitted a wooden shelf in the greenhouse. 5" wide wood. I made short length of copper brackets made from old water pipe with alloy nuts & bolts and a screw at each end. Easy DIY job.

Copper and Aluminium are electrochemically not compatible. I.e. the aluminium will corrode quickly in contact with copper. Not a good idea. Otherwise I agree with you. Just use aluminium alloy for the brackets where possible, or insulate the metals from each other with plastic, or possibly paint the copper to minimise metallic contact between the two.

Thanks for that Trillium - I use an old bit of copper pipe to prop up my aluminium framed cold frame lid. Will have a hunt in the depths of the shed for something more suitable - and maybe use copper pipe for slug deterrent. I got aluminium shelf brackets with gh fixings from Two Wests and Elliot a few years back, I'm sure they still do them.
How can you fit guttering to an octagonal greenhouse? It's an Alton cedar. Any advice very welcome


Hi, I would like to know how to fit guttering on a 'PLASTIC' shed. It's 6'x8' just like a conventional wooden shed.
Minnie2 wrote (see)
Hi, I would like to know how to fit guttering on a 'PLASTIC' shed. It's 6'x8' just like a conventional wooden shed.

Bit confused-but are there any wooden battens inside the top of the shed you can screw into from the outside?

How strong is this plastic- will a screw hold?

How do I increase the fall on the fixed metal guttering on a 'Greenhouse People' Classic greenhouse. The greenhose was erected perfectly level as described in the erection instructions.

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