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I'll try this - have done hyacynths' before. Will be nice to have some early colour.
I'm really enjoying my paper-whites at the moment. How can I make them flower at Christmas again next year?
Does this only work with daffodils or can any bulb work? (sorry if this is a silly question)...:)
Hyacinths: They have to be specially prepared bulbs. Most catalogues have them.

Paperwhites take about 8 weeks from planting, I think.

You can do it with lots of bulbs. Reticulata Iris, grape hyacinths, Crocus, miniature daffodils for instance.

Great, thanks.  I will try some of these!! 



Does anyone know if you keep them in the dark like hyacinths?

What next? Windowsill or dark cupboard? Water little or a lot? Feed?

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