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i have an allotment but i don't have a greenhouse but i am lucky to have a friend that lets me use thier greenhouse so i will give aubergines this year along with my chillies and maybe a few tomatoes i will keep you posted on how i get on
A number of garden advice articles suggest 'maintaining a temperature of 21 degrees' Without heating my greenhouse, which is impractical and definitely not 'green' how is this achieved? My greenhouse varies in March, from 5 degrees to 30 degrees!
i have had no luck whatsoever growing aubergines so any tips would be welcome
Daniel Haynes

Good luck with that, supersuzie1 - do keep us posted.

Phil3 - you can start off aubergines in a small heated propagator (please see link below), but the plants do need heat once they've outgrown that. It might be worth a try anyway, and we might be blessed with a sufficiently hot summer to ripen the fruits. Or, alternatively, consider a crop that doesn't feel the cold quite as much!

kimi2000 - do take a look at our practical guide to growing aubergines, and Kate Bradbury's blog on the subject. Good luck

I grew 10 aurbergine plants last year, once growing well I put the plants into my greenhouse. I had plenty of flowers some did fall off but I didn't get one aurbergine, I have sown 6 seeds a few weeks ago and 5 seedlings are up, could it be that the pot size was the problem as the largest pot I used was 10cm?


Can you please explain with a clear photo what you mean by ''remove main tip '' of aubergine plant ?

Hello, thank you for the information. What do you spray with tepid water, the flower or the plant? (this is mentioned while tapping the flower) Thank you

I grew aubergines last year in my greenhouse, they fruited well and grew to maturity,however they were inedible as they were very bitter.-any comments?

Could be you left them to long on the plant. Aubergines are best picked when they are still glossy looking. Dull coloured fruits are usually bitter.


Can the aubergine plant survive outdoors in England?

certain varieties can, however if you are any further north than Manchester you'll still have trouble outdoors.

even in a greenhouse I find they're more hassle than they're worth the grow. much better to use the space for tomatoes or peppers.

We have grown aubergines in our polytunnel and they look healthy but set very few fruits.  Do they like to be misted or perhaps no water on the plant?  Any  knowledge as to how to get aubergine to set fruit appreciated.


Try hand-pollinating them Catherine.  The problem with growing them under cover is that the insects can't easily get to them.  Take a small very soft brush (like an artists paintbrush or make-up brush) and gently push it into the centre of every open flower.  If you do that every day, most of the fruit should set providing other conditions are right.

I don't have a heated greenhouse so had no success in growing from seed but do have success buying a couple of cheap grafted plants from B&Q (before they kill them) 


I grew a dwarf variety Rosanna last year from seed, I started them mid March indoors on the windowsill then transferred them to an unheated poly in mid May. I grew them direct in the ground and had a very good crop of egg size fruits. Previously unsuccessful with full size varieties but the dwarf form were trouble free.

A tip from my Turkish neighbour: remove the 2 side flowers from each set of 3 to encourage fruits to form and loads of tomatoe feed! definetly made a difference!

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