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Very interesting, how do you know when to harvest the garlic ?
I haven't grown garlic before it looks easy is it possible to grow in pots as i have a small garden
I had some garlic cloves in my fridge which started to sprout so I planted them in pots and they are doing really well. Do garlic bulbs produce any flowers?
Advertising on the video bad move I am deleting my account now.

So much for the BBC and no Advertising we pay a TV licence fee
Any advice . Like Monty i planted garlic in october but as get there isnt any signs of growth coming though the ground. Should i wait. Or is it to late to plant again.


\when the tops go over and turn yellow
Yes in pots are fine but will be smaller in size

My garlic tops have gone over but not turned yellow. And they were doing so well.planted them in pots in october 'the Iberian Wight ' 

Have I lost them?

Rick Rybicki

I've got a good crop of garlic growing from cloves I planted last autumn. Do I let them flower before I harvest them? should I break the flowering tips off? Do I just wait until the tops just keel over and dry? Thanks, Rick.

Cut the flowers off so they put more energy into the bulb


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