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Well, the best time to plant it is October or thereabouts, so you might be best to plant some then.  Not the ones you were thinking of planting in May though.  Plant new season's cloves.

Peat B

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME !  I thought I would be clever and try bottling the cloves in olive oil. I now have three jam jars of garlic cloves, that are slightly fermented, and when I try to open them, it is like having a champagne bottle of garlic explode in the kitchen ! Takes days for the smell to disperse ! Like being sprayed by a skunk, it permeates clothes, fabrics, drawers, towels and hair to such a degree that people either turn away from you or ask if you are English !

Anyone want a bottle of garlic wine ?

my autumn planted garlic is now going to seed was this caused by the warm march and cold april is there anything i can do to retrieve the situation
hi can garlic be grown in tubs after you have started it off in trays?
can anyone tell me how to grow the small garlic you buy from the deli infused in oil and what sort are they and has anyone the recipe for the oil used as its very expensive to buy ,any help out ther.


Our garlic doesn't seem to be producing separate cloves will this be rectified in the next few months or should we pull them up and use the space to grow another crop?
What this guide fails to mention is soil type for garlic. I tried growing it last year and it never got big enough to eat. This was despite regular weeding, watering etc... I am going to try again this year on my, new, allotment plot.
Mine are now well up as usual. Planted in October/November. Very frost-hardy. Bought originally from a market - the slightly purple type grown in N.France. My spacing greater than advised here.

Peteballan - How about using this unpleasant concoction to spray plants against aphid - good organic way!.  As for making garlic oil - just make a small amount and use within 3/4 weeks and then discard and re-make.  I usually decide to discard when the cloves start to discolour, however making a small amount usually means it is all used up before getting to that stage.

I planted my garlic in november and I assume because of the wet winter not one bulb sprouted. I have replanted in February. Are these bulbs likely to produce a crop this year or am I wasting my time and money?

Questions - did you use supermarket garlic or 'seed' garlic?

 If you planted it in November it would probably only just be showing above the soil level as like any plants it goes into a dormancy, however garlic needs at least 30days at below 10C this helps to produce the split to make the cloves. It needs to be planted about 2.5 cm or so deep and space about 18cm.

A garlic that has been planted in the autumn often  need 1-2 months of low temperatures before it starts to sprout.

My garlic planted in early december is only just appearing above the soil


Hi nicola ,silly question ,did you plant them upside down ,I have my plot in drogheda and planted mine on a very cold and wet day in early november they are about 9"  at the moment .


This year's garlic seems to have failed totally. Planted some of the cloves from last year's crop but they seem to have rotted. None has come up. You think that after 4 months they should have made an appearance.

Swedboy. My garlic planted in October has done nothing but rotted and gone mouldy. I started a new batch indoors, January time, forced the roots and after a spell in the GH planted 12 cloves out yesterday with the rest following next weekend. With a bit of luck,hopefully the bulbs will split.  

The garlic I planted in the autumn has also rotted off.

 I planted some hard neck bulbs just after Christmas and they are doing well, my final batch, of soft necked garlic is due to be planted in the next couple of weeks.

Until I purchased some garlic bulbs from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm a couple of years ago I had no idea there were different types which needed slightly different treatment. I have put some in pots and some in open ground in case we have too much of the wet stuff. They are all growing about the same as each other, am going to plant half and half again, open ground and pots.


Is it ok to tub plant them in a glass out house which gets very cold during winter and bring them out in spring?  Do they need to be in a shady or sunny position? I live in the SE of England.


Plant them in the garden in the late autumn, They are hardy - Mine have survived this winter with out any cover. they do not really need much TLC, water and feeding in spring really

mole2 my autumn planted garlic is now going to seed was this caused by the warm march and cold april is there anything i can do to retrieve the situation

this reply is too late to be of help but for future reference there are different varieties of garlic and all hardnecks send up a scape which has an umbel with bulbils inside. Garlic doesn't produce true seed without a lot of intervention but that's a whole separate discussion in itself - just search "true garlic seed" for more on this fascinating topic. As for the scape, there are are two schools of thought whether to cut them or not - they are delicious to eat if cut before they unfurl and are still tender; and you get marginally bigger bulbs.  However, many growers prefer to leave them to develop as they are a good indication of when to harvest (when the scapes straighten) & store for longer. So no you didn't do anything wrong, it's normal for garlic to send up a scape.


how to make garlic spray for slugs
Yes alankingwell, I bought a couple of Garlic bulbs from the Supermarket and broke them down to the cloves. Then I put them in a bowl with about an inch of water. The next morning most of them had a little green tip and I planted them with the green tip at the top. They are coming along nicely after 3 months.