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Talkback: How to grow gloriosa

A friend has given me this plant for a present a couple of weeks ago. Does this plant die back in winter and lose it's leaves?

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A friend has given me this plant for a present a couple of weeks ago. Does this plant die back in winter and lose it's leaves?
Gary Hobson
Julie F wrote (see)
 Does this plant die back in winter and lose it's leaves?

Probably, yes.

I have tried growing this plant a couple of times. The first time I grew this plant I was thrilled with it, but failed to overwinter it. I'm trying again this year.

It can be grown in the garden, or as a house plant.

If grown in the garden then I understand that it should be treated in a roughly simiar manner to dahlias. It has a similar sort of tuber which should be lifted and stored in a 'frost free' place over Winter.

It can also be grown as a houseplant. I'm not exactly sure what happens then. I aniticipate that most of the foliage will die down during the Winter.

When I tried, I tried to overwinter in a frost-free greenhouse. The tubers did not come to life in the Spring. My guess is that the greenhouse, although frost free, was far too cool. A website about growing this as a houseplant says that the minimum overwintering temperature is 60F or 16C. My frost-free greenhouse was a lot colder than that.

This year I intend to bring the tubers inside the house.

Some instructions for growing as a house plant are here:

I've just been give some gloriosa tubers (mid July) Is it too late to plant them this year or will they keep until next spring?

Mine has flowered and now started to die down. I don't know if it is because the weather has been too hot, we had it in the conservatory, but it was not a great success this year, not many flowers and the colour was not good..

They can be very tempremental. I have had them in the past and they have been lovely, other years they just didn't grow.

I'm no expert but if your tuber has a nodule/bud on one end give it a try, I don't think it will keep until next year, but other people may know better. Best of luck.

I bought a Gloriosa 3 years ago, marked down because it had all but finished flowering. The following year all three tubers grew giving a good show. This year only one grew, but I suspect they perhaps need feeding to build the tubers, which I did not do.

However, this year two flowers are developing seed pods, so I am now trying to find out how to grow from seed. Any ideas anyone?

The plant is in a frost-free north facing conservatory, with some low level heating in winter.


Saw this plant growing wild in Kenya and since then we have had great success growing it in a glass front porch, it dies down each winter and i stop watering in November and start again when it comes back in spring. It just gets bigger and better. We even used it for our wedding flowers!
We have sinced move to SW France and, with no porch, I bring it in when it dies down and leave it dry till it sprouts then water it and put it on the terrace where it lives all summer.

I grew mine outside in a large pot and it produced some lovely blooms, now it's beginning to die back, should I cut it back as I'm not too sure how to overwinter it ?....thought of putting the whole thing in the shed for shelter.

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