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Talkback: How to grow lily of the valley

Help ! i have loads of leaves and very few flowers. What am i doing wrong?

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Help ! i have loads of leaves and very few flowers. What am i doing wrong?
Could I grow twelve Lily of the Valley bulbs in a large pot and keep it from year to year?
I think lily of the valley is a temperamental grows where IT wants to and when it chooses. It's devilishly difficult to seems...and then devilishly difficult to erase. I now no longer want trawls underground straying from where it once was. Ok, the question......will it grow in a pot? Not sure it will unless it's given adequate moisture without drying out and out of strong sun and if it as the will to grow in one. I will try it though when I dig up some of my clumps. Most of us struggle to grow lily of,the valley according to the info I read
Gardening Grandma

I once had a garden where lily of the valley had become a weed. But, then, I suppose weeding is just part of gardening, the process of choosing which plants one chooses to allow in one's garden.

I have read that it is best to plant them where their roots are confined and they can't spread too much and that they do fine in pots. i have no personal experience of this. They like moist soil and don't mind quite deep shade, but also survive in sun.

Ok thanx for that ....I will plant some in a large urn and just leave them undisturbed and see what happens


when is it best to transplant in from another garden plse?

Now JOY20

plant it with some compost to help enrich the soil 

in an urn?  I doubt it will grow well there.  

Wait til they have died down completely ( late summer/autumn) and then you shouldn't have a problem

That's ok Philippa.

for me planting now helps planting depth and you can see how it will look in relationship to other stuff there.  

My L of the V are just coming into flower now so for me waiting til later would be best. Pick out your spot and try your best not to succomb to sticking something else in there in the meantime.  


My lily of the valley is having a sulky year - like yours, gardengnome2.  Lots of leaves but few flowers.  Haven't done anything different with it so I've no idea why.  I'll hope for better things next year I think!

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