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I have a cordyline which has grown too big for its space.Can i take the top of to reduce it or do i have to dig it out? I would prefer to leave it were it is and prune it.Would this be possible? Thanks J Landy.
My arum lily like the one Joe planted is sitting on a shallow ledge in the pond with it,s crown above or just about level with the surface of the water. It has suffered badly this winter from the frost and frozen over pond. I realise now it should be deeper under the surface. If it survives (it looks quite damaged) I will lower it down into the water to cover the crown. I hope this will afford it more protection.
My pond is much smaller than this but I would like a small bullrush to go in it. I have seem typha minnimus but don't think much of it. Any suggestions?

Thanks, I 'll have a look at that. Typha Laxmannii also looks good, it's a bit bigger than minnimus but looks more like a bullrush.


Does anyone know where to obtain the black plastic crates Joe used for planting the pond plants? The pond I have inherited is about 27inches deep so I need quite big crates.

Does anybody have suggestions for plants that are decorative but resistant to ducks? My ducks clear pond weeds very effectively but also water-lilies, etc.

I have a horseshoe shaped pond around a home-made gazebo and I was foolish enough to put a Zantedeschia into it, in a basket on the ledge. I say 'foolish' because it has now taken over the pond, spreading all over the surface, with roots just dangling in the water. It laughs at my East Anglian winters. Not sure if my water lily is still alive under it. So plant it by all means but keep an eye on it!


Marilyn, Do you have that planted in a pot, I didn't think plants escaped when they were in pots. How deep is it set in the pond.

we are digging out for a pond so I am interested in marginal plants. 

Has anyone found out where to source the baskets that Jo uses?



Stephen 7

Carol, my pond is approx. 3 ft long 2 ft deep 2 ft wide. I put a typhus in it last year just to see if it would work in such a small pond. The single shoot i had last year is now five. I love trying things that should'nt work. 


black crates here


you could always try Sarracenia flava or a flava/S. Purpurea purpurea crosses, both do well in marginal areas as well as bog gardens. all you have to do is make sure the crown of the plant is 2-3inches above the water surface. they can get quite tall, my S flava maxima is three feet tall and eats lots of wasps and flies during the summer!

I have a very small pond with shallow useless shelves. I keep losing my marginal plants which I tend to have half in and half out. I don't know what it means on the label if it says 'planting depth 0-6inches'. Is that the depth to the base of the pot or to the crown? I find the idea of completely submerging plants a bit scary.



It means the amount of water above the plant Freddo, so roughly from the soil level/top of the basket to the water level. Marginals would be happy with almost no water covering the basket, to around 6 inches of water above them. Yo may need to find another way of placing yours if the shelves are a bit mean. There are planting pocket things which you can fix round the edges of ponds and they hang into the water. You can then plant into them. Don't know the correct name for them but if you look at some of the pond plant suppliers online, you should be able to find them 

Chris didn't take the plants out of the pots? I would have thought planting in the large planter in the gravel would have been enough to contain the water plants. And Equistrium? Who's he trying to kid. Really!

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