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That's great, that means I can nick some from the local park. I love mint, so being able to grow some for free will be wonderful! How quickly do you have to get them in the soil, once cut?
I am hoping to grow a lot of herbs this year so any tips are useful, I have made a large box out of wood and I have put a plastic trough into it so that I can grow herbs in it.
I love mint and already have mine growing, though I do put mine in a large pot or tub as it can be a real thug in a herb bed, spreading like mad. Next project will be to build a raised bed just for mint...many varieties and let them grow away as they will without having to contain them. The latest edition to my collection is a pineapple mint and I can sit for ages just smelling them.... :)) Human mint, has the same effect on me as catmint does for cats
Mint is so easy to propogate you don't really need to follow the above. Just cut as many sprigs & put them in water. They root so easily then just pot them on.
Sam Farrell
does this apply to mint that you can buy already grown from the supermarket for example. I bought some last week from asda already in a little pot?



Wouldn't mind that recipe, Mike!

I agree with Paul, mint cuttings put in a jam jar full of water on the windowsill indoors soon root and can be potted on.  Sam, you can grow on the mint in pots bought from the supermarket and take cuttings.  I pot on most of the supermarket bought herbs I buy as soon as I can after getting them home and when it warms up outside they either go in my raised herb planter or in big pots on the patio.

Hello sam,I buy my mint in a pot from asda every year,I have already taken cuttings and put the remaining mint in a pot,its going away quite nicely in the greenhouse

hello Angelstar958,I agree pineapple mint has a lovely smell,I try to grow lots of different ones,when I am going to have a lamb dinner I make the mint sauce 2 days before and cut as many different ones as I have then chop them all up together,makes an awesome mint sauce especially over new Jersey Mids

Dont know why but I always have problems getting parsley to germinate so I buy the pots of it at asda and pot them on,I have 3 large pots on the go at the moment and its going great,I have the curled and the flat leaves,I know its cheating but at least I have a lot to go at,the ones I did last year are going very well too


I just bought some cuttings from the grocery store and took one and placed it in a glass jar with water and it formed roots within 3-5 days :) I transplanted it to a soil mixture and it's doing fine :)
I have some veriagated trailing mint,some of which i put into pots and use as a trailing plant in flower pot or baskets, nice!!!

Trailing mint in baskets sounds lovely! 

I have spearmint, chocolate mint and pineapple mint all growing like crazy and they all came from cuttings from my neighbours garden... They gave me permission to take it first of course!
You can grow lavender in the same way, just take cuttings from a lavender, poke them into a pot of compost and they will establish new roots in a matter of weeks


Does the mint have to be put in a cool spot to start growing roots in the water? I put the mint in and it started wilting :(

Just don't leave it on a hot sunny window sill-it will wilt as it can't take up water quick enough to keep up-as has been said- one of the easiest plants to grow from cuttings.


Yes, you've sussed it - put it in a shady spot - mint prefers cooler conditions anyway, it's not like the mediterranean herbs.  So put it in a jar of water on a north or east facing windowsill and just keep checking that it doesn't dry out.  Eventually you'll see some roots forming.  When there are quite a few roots tip most of the water out and add some compost to the jar, keep it on the windowsill and keep it damp for a couple more weeks and it'll have grown into a healthy mint plant for you to plant in your garden.

I always get a large plastic pot (12 - 14" diam) and cut the bottom out, then sink it into the herb bed with the rim just proud of the soil surface, and plant the mint inside it.  This helps prevent it from taking over the whole garden - but you'll still have to keep an eye on the spreading runners and keeping it within it's designated area 

What is the best mint for cooking with new potatoes?

I like that slightly furry one. Can't think what it's called