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I found this very useful, as I had decided to grow my own mint this year, but had heard it was very invasive and difficult to shift! I'll certainly give this a go.....
we used to have mint... Then abandoned it. And five years later it was still there. So if you give one variety of mint its own pot, it can be long term! Just get alittle bit to start off, in a large pot, and in a year or so the whole pot will be full of mint!
This potted mints in a big pot sounds great, but what do you do in the autumn as this is meant to be a short tern thing? I'll give it a go in few weeks after my big garden overhaul :)
I will try to grow a few different kinds of mint this year - last year I put several in a metal bucket and sank it into the ground and it did really well. Just planted in a border means they will take over everything! We use the mint for potatoes and tea, but there must be other ways in which it can be used?

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