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Can you help trying to buy tightners as shown on Monty Don training necterine can you tell me where he obtained his plus screw in vine eyes ect hope you can help Adam
Try They should have all you need.
my nectarine leaves have curled and are all blistered any help please lpasso
very interesting video as I have a nectarine now six years old Growen from a stone - this year 2015 it flowered for the first time but owing to a bad very windy sstorm I lost the blossom (I live on the west coast in the Highlands near the Skye bridge - the tree is about 7ft high - do you think I should cut it downa bit and thin the branches - it is free standing and faces south west - a lot of sun from about 12 noon till suset

Wow. You maybe have the world's most northernly nectarine. I don't have a nectarine but I do have other citrus trees and mine spend their winters indoors.

I find that they don't really respond very enthusiastically to being pruned. If yours is in no danger of being blown down I'd leave it alone. It sounds as if it has just found its feet.

Good luck next year.

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