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Talkback: How to grow on plug plants

It is April 28th. Is it possible to have plugs flowering by June 7th? I planted a daffodil "50 Years" on the side of our ski tu...

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It is April 28th. Is it possible to have plugs flowering by June 7th?
I planted a daffodil "50 Years" on the side of our ski turned out so well I've been asked to re-plant it for a grand celebration day on June 7th.
I though marigolds, violas, begonias......would antirrhinums, or stocks flower this year?
Any help or ideas would be very welcome.

I think getting plugs to flower in 5 or 6 weeks is over optimistic, maybe the odd one but not a display.

But go and see what the GC has, maybe something a bit bigger than plugs and a bit further forward. 

Getting near to the limit for plugs now I think if you want a good display this summer. Even stocks would be hard pressed to flower by June 7. 

I would go to a local nursery and buy plants at least in 9 cm pots.  Argyranthemums are available as decent size plants at the moment.  Remove the buds and feed amd water well and by early June they will flower again.  Lupins bought now will flower then too.  

What am I doing wrong? I have bought some geranium and begonia plug plants by post,and I have potted them on and kept them in the greenhouse, but they are not coping well. The begonias especially have suffered - some have died back. I have added bonemeal to the soil.

How do you ensure that plug plants are taken care of and given the best chance to grow into larger healthy plants? Perhaps my fingers aren't green yet?

Thank you.


Maybe you overfed.  Bonemeal a big no for plugs.  There is enough food in the compost you pot them up in.  

Did you use compost or garden soil shazbat?

dont fuss them too much either.  Simply pot on, no extra feed, water well and let them be in a warm place indoors.


Hi, thank you for the quick response.

I used compost but I may have over watered the plants. I hope they recover! They looked so good before I got my hands on them I want to get it right as plugs are much cheaper than larger plants: I have not had any success with seedlings).




They may have got a bit cold because some of the overnight temperatures have fallen a bit low at times.

My petunia plugs have really done well, when can I pinch them out?

I bought some jumbo plug plants (including geraniums) which I potted straight away in ordinary compost and they're doing ok though took a while to get going. They've been in an unheated GH all the time. 

Could be the bonemeal as Verdin suggested or else the cold as Ceres says, especially if you've overwatered them. One other thing springs to mind, could the pots be too large? Especially if they're full of soggy soil..

Bonemeal is usually used to promote root growth......use it for shrubs, trees, etc rather than plug plants I think

My plug plants are in the conservatory for a while, then unheated greenhouse, when cold at night I cover with double layer of fleece.  I dont pinch out my petunias. Till this year I always do my hanging baskets Easter weekend, then they sit in my heated greenhouse, then heat goes off start bringing them out on warm days, then May overnight to harden off. But as Easter was so early this year, I havent received all my plug plants and my seedling arent ready either.

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