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Thankyou for the feature i found this helpfull and now looking forward to my peony flowering in the summer.
Very helpful to see how Chris distributed the fertiliser as I usually just scatter a measley little handful around the plants. Not in future though!
Holehird Gardens in Windermere should be included in your best gardens vote, it came close 2nd last year in a similar competition. Whats more it is run and worked entirely by volunteers and is free to visit unlike the other gardens in this area such as Levens Hall which is expensive to visit.
Very helpful in the way to feed,my dad has told me other ways which have had no beniffits to the plant.
Can't seem to find anything on Tree Peonies. I have 5 different types, 4 of which are in containers. Only 1 in the ground flowered last year with 2 huge white flowers. This year I have only 1 bud on this and all others have come up looking healthy but no buds. I followed all instructions to the letter. What is wrong please?


My peony dissapointed this year, it did not bloom and all its leaves were red instead of the usual green. Other years it has been a delight. can anyone tell me what I may have done wrong? Surrounding plants in the border have thrived and been unaffected?
will peonies grow in clay soil?
Can you get a baby to start off of a peony bush?
Hi i hve a peony in my garden but need to know what type? It has dark green thin leaves and big , deep pink/ red flowers
Very helpful - thanks.

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