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would tomato feed be suitable for growing pineapples
What kind of feed should I give the Pineapple?
Many years ago I was told about growing pineapples, so I had a go! I used to slice off the rosette with a few centimeters of the pineapple attached. Then get a plant pot more or less the circumference of the pineapple piece I cut off, and filled it with compost to within a few centimeters of the top. Covered the compost with a thin layer of grit-sand then watered just enough to wet it - don't saturate the compost. I pushed the rosette firmly onto the compost and placed it on the kitchen windowsill. Hey presto, it rooted! So I potted it on. Many more followed!!
I am going to give this a go.I do not have a greenhouse/conservatory would it be alright in my living room window.
i will add this to my to do list :) thank you


Lynn Kingaby
I did a pineapple last year. It's doing really well but not sure when to feed it. I brought it in over winter but when would be the best time to put it back in the green house?

hi carol downton here going  to have a go with the pineapple xx

already grow lemon from pip have also grown orange and peanut going to try this as well all in a shed dont have a greenhouse 

what is the minimum night time temperature required
geoff fearn
this will and some thing different to the green house or in the house
I have grown one on the windowsill, it's still growing 6 months on.

I have now followed the instructions and await the the pineapple to grow.  New and exciting idea.  Cant wait to see what happens with it.  I have this in a green polytunnel so hope it likes it in there.

When plant is a year old you can grow a small pineapple, they are much nicer them shop ones.
Can you propergate a pineapple direct into the garden? The garden is in sub-tropical southern Portugal! It's a supermarket bought fruit! Do I follow the same instructions as pot grown pineapple. Will it eventually produce fruit and how long will it take? Thanking you in advance! Ian Smith
I have grown pineapples very successfully.

However method was slightly different. Take pineapple in one hand. Top Leaves in another, twist. It will come out cleanly with no need to cut back flesh. Peel away the leaves nearest the piece you pulled out

Put in fresh water daily for 2 weeks. Until rooted.

Plant in greenhouse.

I have one growing at the moment

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