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I have tried growing potatoes in special bags for two years with very dissapointing results and that is following the instructions.No more,its not worht it.

Growing them in special bags is a great way of planting potatoes. I've been using this method for a year and have found other alternative way of growing potatoes by using hydroponics.

Cool video - very informative about growing potatoes in bags yet easy to understand and follow. Please check out this blog post about my experiences growing potatoes at home using potato sacks
Could you tell me why I have no flowers on my potatoes?
They were planted the same time as my neighbours and they have flowers. I used a mixture of compost and soil and fed with potash
Hi spudulicus

Some varieties of potatoes don't produce flowers - nothing wrong with them, it's just what they do, or rather don't do.


Useful but do we put them in the sun or in the shade?
If we are not told, does it make a difference? I am about to put out my first potatoes.

I'd go with as much sun as you can give them.

Sunlight = energy.

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