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Hi, should you leave bag in shade or direct sun?, being plastic would it sweat inside and ruin the crop?
Great stuff, just about to do this. I miss Monty! Wherever you are, I hope you're well.
I tried this for the first time and with great sucess.Cheaper than buying pots ( can be re-used ).
I don't know about growing organic potatoes in plastic bags. There is some evidence that rubber and plastics leach chemicals into soil. Hoses, made of PVC (though it is not well known in the US) leach lead, especially if they lie out in the sun. Since potatoes need full sun to grow, those bags are going to get pretty hot. Before I used this method, I'd like to see some testing to make sure that plastic bags are safe for growing food.
My pots have chitted when will it be safe to plant them outside in a bag


Have just planted up a few different varieties in bags to see how they do. Do you wait for the foliage to die down before harvesting?
I do not have the technology to watch Monti Dons "grow potatoes in a bag" video. Do you have it anywhere on the site, so that I can read it? it is mt first time growing pot's and something easy to read, step by step, u know just like the video!
Gardeners World Mag 29th July. Grow pots for xmas!!! What do i use for seed pots. Some of what i am harvesting now ?(king edwards). If not, where do i buy them. I've got plentty of sacks.
@Panlids2011 - there's a 'readers' guide to growing potatoes in bags on another site which might be of use if you're still having problems watching the video? Try this one: Hope this helps. James
Never grown spuds in a bag before, the video was very helpful, bought some special bags with flaps in the side to help get your spuds out, we have a lack of garden space so bags are the thing
I've got Maris Pipers to grow in bags. Do they need to be kept in the shade or need sunlight?
how could i make use of ton bags you get from the builders merchants to grow potatoes in im also interested in this layer planting could anyone advise me please on how to do this.
Ken Smyth
Hi All,
It’s my first time growing anything for many years, I’m growing some potatoes in small plastic grow bags on my decking and over the last few days the frost has got to them, the leaves have wilted and are turning black, there are a few that are still strong and green and the stem is still straight and quite strong. Will the potatoes survive or is it best to start again?

hello all, like Ken im new to getting greenfingered, and am excited. Ive made a attemtp with some maris pipers in a laundry ( breathable) bag which is outside. It has good compost and about 10 spuds around the circumsference. Its been a couple of weeks now and nothing is popping up. I did some research and saw that chitting the potatoes ( letting them grow 'eyes' was helpful, but had planted them already. Could this be the reason they are not showing or am i being too impatient?


 well this year i have put some charlotte potatoes in a large pot in the greenhouse in early feb and now they are shot up  and i did not chitt them .


I planted potatoes August last years for christmas in both bought bag for growing potatoes and some in an old compost bag which I put drainage holes in. I pt these in my greenhouse when it started to get cold and I got a good crop for christmas and for later in January.This greenhouse has a heater in that comes on with very low temperature.
Do you have to water after first time?
what is the best way to grow potatoes out side,and how to plant them please help thanks ricardio4,as for this video i think it is good for someone who is now starting to do gardening for the first email is,
I do this every year, but I turn the compost sack inside out first so you get the neat black side on the outside.
whats the best compost to use most composts do not say anything about vegs