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Potted three little baby plants today....attached to the mother plant like an umbilical cord......pretty pleased with them.

Thought I would post a photo of  my little babies 




Tricia Muddyboots
I grow a few strawberry plants in pots in my unheated greenhouse and have one or two strawberries ready for my birthday on 9th May.
Hi I'm new to the site and love growing strawberries but mine just grow wild all over the borders, which back on to fields. Are they better grown in rows and kept elevated as they do on pick your own or should I try and grow them in pallets or baskets as seen on here ?



Hi mick - they're quite straightforward plants usually. I've grown them in all sorts of ways - in the border with ornamentals, in pots, in raised beds and in troughs on a fence. Providing the site is quite light and sunny and they have suitable soil/compost, watering and feeding they will be happy. At present I have 3 in a large (18") pot which are doing well. The advantage of elevating them is that they're clear of the ground and therefore it's easier to keep slugs and snails away. It really just depends what room you have. 

About ten days ago I simplified this process in way that looks successful so far. I planted out about 30 small strawberry plants or pieces of old plant, directly from the old weed-infested seven-year-old bed into their new bed, and kept them watered. They seem to have taken well. Without this fine weather though, it might not have worked. Anna

Should I protect my strawberry pots During the winter?


No need to protect them Pindy as they are completely hardy.  You can move them into a cold greenhouse or coldframe if you want an earlier crop but then you need to keep them watered - one thing strawberries don't appreciate is their roots drying out.  A drawback to doing that though is you may have problems with aphids as those will be kiiled by frost but will love greenhouse conditions.

How do we keep these over the winter period please??
i,m at my wits end ,how can i stop the mice eating my strawberries apart from hanging baskets?

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