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Very useful. I've always waited until March before sowing, I'll give this a go.
I think that this video is extremely good because it is easy to understand whereas with other videos from different gardening websites they are very difficult to understand. Thank you Monty
I love this site being a beginer gardner however I can not find the Sweet Pea "Variety Club" anywhere for sale. If anyone can help thank you.
After waching the video 3 times I do not know if the potted seeds are kept in a green house or outside in the open. If the answer is in the open there will be tunnel formed by the 2 straw bales and the glass pane i would assume this does not stop the wind and cold attacking the young seedlings. Am I understandding this properly?
I believe that Variety Club is distributed by Unwin's.


Interested in trying to grow sweet peas. Didn't do very well last year but going to persevere this time. Picked up some helpful hints but didn't think the video was long enough.
i use a polystyrene freezer hamper box with a sheet of glass over the top in a sheltered south facing area of the garden
Instead of loo roll centres, I use kitchen roll which are longer and stand them in a 2litre ice-cream box or similar to keep them upright. I use a 50/50 mixture of multi-purpose and John Innis No2 compost and leave them in the unheated greenhouse over the winter. Pinching out after 3 prs of leaves gives lots of stems and more flowers. One that I really like to grow is 'Our Harry'.

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