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Laneylop, I always start my toms off on the kitchen window cill. Just fill a small pot with multipurpose compost and sow your seeds and just put a plastic over it and you should soon see your seedlings coming through. When they a large enough to handle transplant them to small single pots and pop them into your greenhouse, they should be fine. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don't get too wet. Hope this helps.

I grew tomatoe plants from seed for the 1st time last year and was amazed how many plants I had... I was able to supply family and friends and still have plenty to sell to the local plant dealer.... what a great feeling....
I have never grown them from seed. I will try growing from seed.

Growing seedlings in a unheated greenhouse is fine, place seeds in good quality compost with fine covering. To speed up process either use plastic bag to cover of get a cheap propigator to protect from draughts until you have a couple of good strong leaves.

Thank you for the demo. I will try again now I've listened to your advice!
My first attempt at growing tomatoes from seed was disastrous - half a dozen tall thin strands which keeled over and died... Hope I do better with the second half of the seed packet!


Can anyone give me  some advice?

My tomato seedlings are about 3cm tall and now in separate pots- will they be alright in an unheated greenhouse when the night forecast is near freezing outside? Same for my aubergines and cougettes- I dont want to lose them all.

I found growing tomatoes from seed much better than buying the seedlings. Learning some of the best ways to grow from seed can help you benefit. I found this article very usful when starting mine.
How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed

when do you use a frame for growing tomatoes up,i have just brough some plants from garden centre .....?
I have grown tomatoes from garden centre stock before and have now decided to grow them from seed indoors in January. This is a very clear, instructive video. I have already prepared a mushroom punnet with seed compost and have watered it before transferring the seeds. Can't wait to see the results. It is refreshing to have a video in 'proper' English rather than for the American market! More like this please Joe!

I coulnt see a link there on that mushrom growing link Edd.

Should we start a new thread on the subject as this one's about tomatoes.

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