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excellent ..would like your advice due to getting tomato blight last year for the first time in my greenhouse Im not sure how to proceed this year ..I mormally grow them in the soil should I use a grow bag or dig out some soil and replace it with new what do you advice? look forward to hearing from you margaret stead
I planted the seeds that I got free with your magazine 27 seeds 26 really robust plants I put three in a grow bag in my conservetory yesterday I intend to try three more in a growbag outside and another lot in the ground, so that means I still have 17 plants to find a loving home soon as the weather improves I'll set to work
What about growing in the garden? Bob Flowerdew's books have ggod advice on making a plastic tent for them...
I grew some toms last year but did not have much success but after reading up on the site I've got 14 beautiful seedlings of three types all from seed from GWM and hopefully will have some lovely toms this year.
I recently tried growing tomatoes in one of those upside down tomato garden planters and I was really pleased with the results. I have written a post about it on my blog as well as a how to for making your own upside tomato planter.


My wife grew some tomato plants in two of those upside down tomato planters and also had very good results, so i think she will be growing some more toms in them this year. What may be a good idea is to use John Innes no3 instead of using compost from a growbag as tomatoes are greedy feeders, it will be interesting to see what the results are and maybe grow them that way next year.
ive just planted tomatoes into those green plastic raised pot planters that you stick on top of the grow bag, and my newly bought shirley tomatoes leaves are starting to go yellow and dry on the ends? I forgot to break up the packed soil in grow bag and am wondering wether to take the tomatoes out of these raised plastic planters which raise the plants, loosen up soil in grow bag and just replant the plants straight into grow bag? any ideas why the leaves are turning yellow. only bought the plants 2 wks ago.? thanks
I have Just planted tomatoes (small plants bought from garden centre) Shirley variety, and planted with those green plastic pots, which you push into the whole of the grow bag. my tomato leaves are starting to go yellow on the ends? I forgot to loosen the soil in the actual grow bag. I'm also unsure how to water with these raised plastic planter things that sit on top of the grow bag. (bought from hilliers). the water is supposed to seep through little tubes which stick into the grow bag> any ideas why
How tall should they be before putting them into growbags?
How about using the growbag compost as a general purpose compost when potting on veg?
Delny Fettis wrote (see)
How tall should they be before putting them into growbags?

Don't plant until you see the flowers forming.

rob moore wrote (see)
How about using the growbag compost as a general purpose compost when potting on veg?

Nothing wrong with it-in the days when everything was peat it was just a rougher grade.

You could always buy growbags on offer in the past and it was a cheap way of buying compost- especially if you could pick up split ones-not quite sure if that is the case now as I don't use grow-bags any more but pot tomatoes into the big pots used by florists.

Last year i grew tomato's in a grow bag but i couldn't support the plants and in the end they broke.  Last year i also used pots and they worked much better. So this year i am just going to use pots so i don't lose any plants this year. 

when and how do I remove some of the side shoots please


You remove the side shoots when you can see them-they should just come away.


help my cherry toms leaves have got brown speckels on most of the leaves whats the mater with them they are just starting to get their flowers on what have i done wrong they are in a hanging basket

don't forget everyone we must be a month behind time this year my tomatoes are just showing from seed so tey are going to be late to us but not from the tom what you all say mi dears

Just reading back on this thread! I wonder how the person got on that planted 3 seeds direct in a grow bag!(in november)

My tomatoes are 2 ft talland have 2 lots of flowers, i wouldnt give much hope for seeds just sown, they wont have long enough warm

Light days to ripen.

i planted tomatoes in greenhouse in april had yellow flowers appear but no fruit when should toms appear



 Hi Marie, they should start soon, I planted my seeds about March so they are a month ahead and full of fruit. Got one red one..yippee (just praying we dont get blight).

Re grow bags, I grew peppers in them last year (first time I have used a grow bag) and also grew some in pots. Pots every time for me, the growbag plants were very stunted but the potted ones were fine!