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Well I was going to plant 3 in a growbag. Now I'll only do 2. Thanks Monty!
i found this very usefull specially the infomation about the grow bag as i am a beginner to gardening, i dont have a clue. so i found this very informative
Thanks Monty i found this very useful to me as I am giving growbags a go for a first.
I have grown toms using the ring culture method for about 3 years and have had a lot of success, but i have always put three tom plants in one bag, only this year i will do what Monty suggests and put two to a bag. The one thing i will try is to fill the inner ring with John Innes no3 and see if i get any better results.
After 10yrs of successfully growing tom's I thought to save space I'd try grow bags this year. This vid anwered all my Q, the advice was spot on. I will be keeping to my pots. Thanx Monty

do i need to water the leafs on my tomato plants
Very good little article. Like many, I WAS going to go for three plants per growbag, but I can see Monty's argument and will now just plant two. I will also try the ring culture idea - thanks a lot!
What size is the black pot he has?
I have successfully grown tomatoes in my greenhouse this year and they have been doing very well, until just now when I discovered black blotches on the stems and the leaves - can anyone tell me what this is, what I need to do to sort it out and if the fruit wll be OK to eat
Last year was my first year having a greenhouse to grow tomatoes in. How wonderful to not have mountains of green tomatoes to make into chutney. I was thrilled however with the suggestions in this video by Monty as to how to improve the quality of the plants in my growbags by giving them additional space for root growth. I will most definitly be trying this this year. Thanks Monty
never done this before how do I start val
Could you pls specify how big is the ideal pot? is 10" diameter n 12" depth pot big enough? thk you.
I missed what variety he liked the best. I recall Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall doing a flavour test some time ago. He liked the orange Sungold and any colour of Brandywine, but he also cited Garener's Delight and Nectar. Personally, I have Brandywine, Sungold, and the heritage variety Peacevine on the go. They are all still in pots and horribly leggy, due to the awful wet weather we have been having here in the Savoie.


Growbags come in two sizes. The larger has three cut outs marked. Which size did Monty use?


Concise and told me what I needed to know. Except the size of the pot he said was the perfect size? What size was it? I know that will be obvious to most, but not me.

Please what size pot?

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