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I found this very useful. I will definately use Sarah's tips in the near future. Thank you, Sarah!
Very useful. Now I know what is meant by 'pinching' the side shoots.
I am new to all of this and am awaiting the arrival of my new greenhouse with great anticipation. I found this article very interesting especially the information about the different roots.
Do you make slits in the bottom of the grow-bag to let water out ?? Some say yes & some say no ?? great video, thanks Sarah


If you don't make slits then it'll rot / get blight.   I found them very difficult to use and now just take the compost out of the grow bag and use it in pots ... I found it much easier !



I cut the bottoms out of flower buckets and sit them on top of the grobags- I fill the bucket with more compost. I also only plant 2 plants per grobag.

Pam x

how many times to you water plants and how many times to use a feed per week when growing in grow bags regards

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