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certainly never knew you could harvest part of a cucumber and leave the rest on the plant - great idea - thanks
I am growing cucumbers for the first time and I've been told that I should ensure the mail pollinates the female - even hand pollinating if there are insufficient bees to do the job - as otherwise the tiny cucmbers will die. This video says specifically not to pollinate. Have I misunderstood something? Thanking anyone who can help.
This is the second year running I have grown cucumbers and I absolutely love it, they are far most the best fruit I have ever grown. With comment to casenna, please make sure you nip off the male flowers as they will make the cucumbers bitter as he said in the video. I also removed some of the leaves last year (not all of them, as the leaves provide protection) as this gave the fruit more nourishment Good Luck with your growing
How come that when i dont pollinate it the fruit just shrivels up and then the fruit drops off???
As they say - you learn something new everyday. Certainly very useful to know that cucumbers can be portioned off from the plant. I expect the remaining portions will continue to grow? My cucumber plant is growing lavishly with multiple fruits. The first fruits are already 12 ins long. I hesitate to harvest them because although the skin near the stem is smooth, it's still prickly further along the fruit. Should I wait till the whole fruit is smooth skinned?


Someone gave me a cucumber plant last year, But all I grew was the bitter ones as above video states, I didnt know anything about male & female flowers. So new seeds in and looking forward to trying again this year.
Could anyone help this ignoramus new veg gardener re my cucumbers - they're the short, fat ones; the leaves on all three plants have gone completely pale yellow and papery. They look as though they're fading into nothing. What have I not done? Can I save them? Even the remaining cucumbers still on the plants aren't really green, they're very pale.

I'm growing cucumbers for the first time and two weeks ago I planted them outside in a bed.  Monty says they love humidity so should I put them back in pots and the greenhouse or are they ok to stay where they are?

Casenna , there are numerous female only plants/seeds available , you might like to try those next time. Saves a lot of fiddling about. Enjoy your cues.

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