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I have just took over a new build allotment plot and I have everything in raised beds. I have bags of grass cuttings, could I dig them into the soil and cover with black covering instead? Also where do I get the rye seeds?
GlentoranMark : Rye seed can be bought from garden centers. They come in large packets and there are a couple of different types of 'Green Manure'. Ask an assistant for help if need be. I have several beds covered in green manure now ready for digging in in Spring. It is well worth getting. :) Some green manures will help with adding nutrients to the soil while others are soil improvers. I garden on heavy clay and have seen an improvement to my soil already.
Useful ad discuss with Mark
I've bought a grass seed for a pice of lawn. The seed is mostly rye with something else, will this also work as a green manure?
Do I need a diffrent Green manure for aliht soil?


Do I need a diffrent Green manure for a light soil?

Glentoranmark try your  local garden centre as they will give all the advice you need.  I  sowed it last year but found it very hard to dig back into the ground i probably sowed it too thick,will try again this year but on a smaller did u hear the score last nite   


The above site is very comprehensive and informative, IMHO. Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste link into your browser(s).

At your allotment site do they have a shop? i think different green manure seeds are good for different things, i grew field beans last year which i was getting ready to dig and then my husband spootted them and ate them. Should say on thepackets what they are good for

Thank you all for your help, that site very helpful I have orderd some seed I have to say I went to classes to learn how to cut and paste but am none the wiser can do most other things on pc but that has got me beat

Sorry I am a bit late thanking you for web site for copy and paste it is so good got a bit carred away you are kind

i used rye grass seed last year and it worked well on my clay soil

you  can bye rye grass seed online



Just sown Phacelia on manured bed and un manured bed  10 days ago and just going to sow Caliente Mustard as Green Manure to cover beds so the weeds cant start

As this is my first sowing I cant give you any feed back yet

Be bold and take a chance.....confidence !!

I have bought a packet of Autumn mix green manure it contains 15% Crimson clover 20% Broad leaf clover 30% Westerwolths rye and 35% WhitetTilney mustard it cost 2.40 for 100g to cover 20 sqm hope that will help I am on a deep bed system. 


Hello , used Green Manure last year for first time , it worked but was hard work digging it in

I have bought some more for over wintering it is Thompson & Morgan green manure mix a good all round one if you are un sure what to use , however , the last recommend sowing for winter is September for this one

another allotment holder sows mustard seed 

best of luck what ever you do 

Hello. Used green manure for the last 5 years on my allotment, vast improvment, just sow .strimmer down in spring, dig in, I use a company called .    The grass seed store, ltd, online, first class expert advice, (Rusty bucket)

Russell never thought of using strimer what a Brillant idea 

I get my Green manure seeds from Kings