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Andy, I'm not an expert at this (quite the novice myself but learning thanks to this site) but I think if you add sand (proper horticultural sand - not builders sand or play sand that might contain salt that would damage the seeds) if helps you spread the mix more evenly. I've done this with fine seeds before and it worked really well.
Adding soil over the top gives the seed something to grow into as well as protecting it from birds.

I'd be tempted to add the seeds to the soil and apply that and THEN give it a light covering with multi-purpose compost.

I hope this helps!

Hi Clarington. Thanks for your helpful reply.

I know the sand should be horticultural and I believe it also aids drainage into the spiked holes when mixed with some top soil. The uncertainty on my part was simply, do I add seed to this sand / soil mixture before spreading and brushing-in.

I note your suggestion for finishing off with a dusting of MP compost.

Thanks again.

I'd add it all in together Andy. Why over complicate a job by having to spread it three times? I don't think it would do any good to add the sand first to help with drainage and then have to walk all over it squashing it down to lay the grass seeds.
Grass grows very well so you wont have to be as delicate as you think - I'm not sure what the weather is like with you but remember to water it if the rain isn't around to give it a good start

Thanks Clarington - my kind of answer.

Point noted re. watering. Many thanks once again.

Very good but basic, and most relevant to small patches of lawn. How about advice on handling larger lawns? Comparison of the wide variety of Powered Lawn Aerators, Scarifiers and Lawn Rakes would be most welcome, since there is much confusion over aeration/scarifying and advice on aerators in particular would be very helpful.


Feed and weed would make go brown. Now lay seed and look after

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