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Can you tell me where to get a bird box camera kit from please.
I have just -11th. Jan.-fitted a camera to one of my bird boxes and I am delighted to see that a blue tit is nesting in the box every night. I hadn't realised that I would see a bird outside of the nesting season and we are having great pleasure from looking to see it has gone out in the morning and again each evening to see if it has returned. This in itself makes fitting a camera very worth while.
Reply to Buddy. My camera came from who are based in St Leonards, Sussex. Hint. 1 Make sure you calculate the approx length of cable that you will need to reach from your Box to your TV. Hint 2 If you intend fitting the camera into a box you already have, you should plan well ahead so that you can take the box down for the minimum time in case birds are using it regularly for roosting. Good luck
I have considered doing this many times but my own personal experience is that you need a site that previously had a successful nesting box first. The last 2 boxes I put up have had no use for nesting by birds so far, although 1 has been used as a winter roost I think. A system that allows all the equipment to be fixed to a removable lid and a wifi link and battery power might be helpful too, so I can move the lid to where the birds end up choosing as a nest site. Too many natural nesting sites here I guess.

Let us know if you find a good one Trill. I'd love to install one too.



You might want to consider a radio link trillium2cv, they are the easiest if you want to move them around.

All these cameras need is a power link to a shed or something, the wiring to the cam can be thin speaker flex as it is very low current/voltage. No need for the thicker video wires running around the garden as the video signal is sent to a receiver in the house. 

This is the sort of set-up

Does anyone hae any suggestions on how to do the cabling into the house? I have my birdbox with camera all ready, but I am unsure of where to bring the cabling into the house.... Other people's recommendations, and tips, would be really helpful.

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