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Very helpful. Another job I'm going to try soon, but just a circle.... best to start small me thinks :)
How much sand and cement will i need for a patio that is 8 foot by 10 foot
Can you lay a patio over an exisiting patio?
It's the hammering the wooden pegs "into the ground - they need to be at the same height to mark the level surface of the patio" (and finding wooden pegs) that's always been the impossible part for me. Any tipes on what this actually means and how to do it?

I've all the materials outside waiting for me to lay paving stones next to a path to give me a wider seating area. Think I'm just going to spirit-level the slabs with the path - oh, except the path is not excactly level and even! Ah well, it'll be a paved area of some character...
I have a small area that I want to lay some slabs on (about 3m x 3m max). The area is covered with cracked old concrete. Can that be broken up or do I need to buy hard core? And if so, where from? I can't see it on Wickes website?


Silly question, but I have a patio that need to be re-layed and it currently sits upon the drain inspection cover - how do you lay the patio over this? The previous owners 'bodged' this! Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

Thanks for these. I've been wanting to try this for a while, it's nice to have it so simply laid out step by step. My wife has been looking for a copper wall planter to hang outside, she's pretty excited about it too.

I have existing old concrete and wonder could I break this up and use it as a rubble base? Any ideas how I break it up without the use of a power tool? 


That's hard work Colette but you can do it with a sledgehammer- I know- I've done it! Depends how thick it is- what you need is some healthy fit young boys to do it for a few beers!

Pretzel if you're still around- I just read your post re wooden pegs. What you do is get a piece of nice straight timber and tack it between the pegs and put a spirit level on it. Do that across the whole area you're trying to lay out. You can do it with a string line too but you need it to be really taut and getting a helper to assist is useful.

Thank you fairy girl a man that can is coming tomorrow 


laying pavment slabs on to old bricks should not be a problem as long as you make sure that they are not sticking up,make sure that the large bricks are broken up and that thay lay flat,put a littel sument or morter in each corner where you are going to lay your slabs so they do not move when set,then brush some morter between the cracks of the pavment slabs,this is what i did when i moved in to a new house,i had all the lod bricks under the lawn,so this is what i did to get ride of the bricks,now i have my greenhouse standing on it.

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