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Could you please show how to devide dahlia bulbs if this is possible
Good video, well explained.
If the video was actually there I would be able to comment. I have been trying to watch it for three days now and it is missing!
Excitable Boy

Hmmmmm. I can see the video fine. Using Firefox 12.0.

Anyway, this is dead easy, just get a sharp knife and think potatoes. As long as you have an eye, i.e. a sprouting bud, on a given piece that will be fine. Just cut through last year's stalk accordingly, keeping a bud and a piece of stalk on each bit.

If you haven't got any buds yet then plant the tubers on the top of a tray of moist compost for a week ot so.


Q....I have some red cowslips in a pot, is it safe to divide them, if so, when's the best time?


I divide cowslips now or after flwering. Just pull apart and back in the ground or, preferably for me, into pots.
Dahlia's often pull apart satisfactorily for me too but, as already said, each tuber must have a stem. I simply pot on into dry compost at moment gradually damping as growth emerges. Not too keen on cutting tubers unless I have to though. I like to wait until my tubers are quite large before I consider propagation

Thanks for the info, still flowering at the mo, will do after.

Please could you advise - i am moving house and have 3 very big bamboos to dig up how long will they be ok in "tonne" bags as i cannot plant them for a couple of weeks after up rooting will they survive this ordeal?

As long as you're moving before the winter frosts arrive, they should be fine if you water their roots thoroughly and leave it to soak in at least an hour before digging them up.    Once in their bags, tie up the tops of the bag as much as possible to reduce water loss to air and also to keep the roots form drying out.   If it stays warm and dry, trickle in some extra water for them but don't drown them.    Keep them out of the wind till you're ready to plant.

Is it best to divide lilies in the fall and how is best way to do it? How often should they be divided? These are NOT Asiatic Lilies.

What sort of lilies, Jack?

I would divide daylilies(hemerocallis ) in spring.

True lilies (Lilium species) go down to bulbs, and dont get split as such. Small bulbils can be grown on for a couple of years to form flowering size bulbs.

It's all very well saying 'Now is the time...', but could presenters be a bit more precise about when they are actually doing the work? Looking at the video, it could be any time between November and March.

Maybe it doesn't matter, but it would be nice to be reassured. Judging by previous comments, people have viewed this at different times of the year, so 'Now is the time...' isn't really helpful.

And does the sort of soil you're on or where you live make any difference to the timing?

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