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dear sir. I would like to know when the right time to put in hosta & other perennials & how to drain of very heavy soil in my garden which i am very problem with could you help please. ian hall
Good video, but again, very short, it doesn't indicate which time of the year is the best to divide them.
We now know how to divide in spring but what about Autum time as i have just divided mine as it had finished flowering.
I have to agree with Mili some clarification needed for me-looks like Monty is doing it in the spring but are there any advantages of doing it in spring over autumn?
I divide my Hostas all the time, always don't need to be precious at all with them, I generally cut the clump up into chunks either at first sight of shoots in spring, or after dieback although I think best to do this in Spring as it gives new clumps time to establish before harsh weather sets in they also love a damp area with rich soil, plenty of moisture sets them off, if they droop just drench them to revive, they're very tough.true all you need is even one shoot attached with a fleshy root and Hosta will establish itself freely,they are wonderful plants that pop up every year and give a luscious and spectacular display,I love them!



I only ever divide mine in spring as new growth starts to show.  At that time of year they really want to grow whereas autumn dividions tend to sulk and then faill if we have a bad winter so I no longer risk it.

I'd generally divide in early Spring, but as Janeys says you don't have to be precious with them. I accidently pulled a small clump of leaves off one in May so I shoved it them in a pot with a sprinkling of bonemeal. The outer 2 leaves died off but the rest of the clump rooted very quickly.


Agree with Spring divisions and everything @janeys has advised.

Can I divide hostas in autumn and pot them over the winter before planting out in the spring?


They are best divided in spring as indicated in previous posts but if you must do them now, you need to keep the pots well sheltered so they don't freeze over winter or the roots may fail.



I always divide in spring. The start of new growth is the very best time. Behind the yellow and green is, Halcyon, Canadian Blue, green and yellow and another Halcyon.

i love my Hostas but so do the slugs and snails in my garden which is snail city! I was advised that blue/green varieties fare better and so do those with tougher leaves. I have found this to be true (but even my pygmy blue one with really thick tough leaves has succumbed to the slugs) but for my other more tender varieties I find I have to use pellets. Does anybody have any good tips for how to deal with these wretched pests?


Regular applications of wildlife friendly slug and snail pellets.   Start on Valentine's Daya s it's easy to rememebr and scatter a few pellets very thinly about your susceptible plants - hostas, hemerocallis, clematis etc - and repeat weekly throughout spring and into early summer and then again as needed.

This routine gets them as they emerge from hibernation or hatch from eggs and stops them before the eat your treasures and have the chance to breed.  Works for me.

This system also leaves alone the slugs elsewhere in the garden that do an important job of recycling waste matter and feeding hedgehogs.   Nematodes would work too but are expensive maybe so best concentrated on hostas in pots.   Copper tape around pots and susceptible plants in borders is also supposed to be good but is also expensive.

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