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I have bought a lawn rake and scarifier which has got 5 different cutting height settings (positions) available but no instructions or advise as to how to decide which setting to use at the begining. Can anyone advise me. Please!!
Nice One Chris - very informative but I daren't dig a big square hole in my lawn!
good thank u


when can you start to mow your lawn
would have been good vidio if it didn't keep stopping.
Good advice but I would like to see an update on the lawn taken at various times after 'the afternoon'. Please. :@)
I would set at highest most gentle setting. Only when lawn has dried out a bit. You will gain more confidence with it and experiment so that in the autumn you can lower the setting. I would scarify, feed n weed and then re-seed any bare patches.
Jane McGuire

Do you need to do this every year? It's expensive!  

I paid £20 for a Qualcast Electric scarifier from Ebay.  It's brilliant, and you should see the huge piles of moss I'm getting out of the lawn, and how the grass has perked up in just three days.  The settings vary from a leaf collector where the wheel and tines are higher to scarification where the tines scratch into the soil, approx 2 mm.  I've been very tough on this lawn, the moss is thick, and I've worked with the lowest setting and still it's not getting through the moss for three or four runs in some parts.

I've ordered some Eco Lawn Seed which contains microclover and I'm hoping will a) feed the lawn, b) outcompete the moss, and c) help it withstand the rigours of a young and huge Bernese Mountain dog!  I'll oversow with that and next year when it's well established I shouldn't be scrarifying two or three wheelie bins full of moss and thatch! 

As the grass wasn't growing (thanks to thatch, moss and said dog!) I haven't even serviced the mower yet! 

Michael. 19/5/2013
I have a big problem with my lawn,i would welcome advice on how to resolve it.what is the best way to go about it, should i kill off the remaining grass,or rotovate the whole lawn and start again with seed or turf.this winter has had so much moss in it which i have removed,now the lawn has gone past patch seeding i feel.I would like to start again but not sure what would be the best way,hope someone can help me.

Evening Michael

For me it's a no-brainer......I would turn it over trenching in the grass upside down.  Rotovating makes a mess and simply spreads everything in top few inches.

Ideally you would wait until September but if you're like me you may want to do it now.  Turn it over, walk all over it, rake, firm again and rake again.  Repeated raking is important for levels, etc.  A week or so before seed sowing rake in a general fertiliser. You will need to water both seed and young grass for the summer.

Autumn time allows you more time though so patience is best.  

I found this video a couple of months ago and now my lawn is on its way to being perfect. I don't have a large lawn so I used a rake and fork to replace the machines. It takes hard work (a good raking 3 times, fork once) but it will give you the results you are after. Advise for new gardener like me.....a normal B & Q feed & weed will do for the fertiliser and All-Purpose Compost will work for the top dressing he mentions. The seed doesn't have to be special either, I used B & Q value boxs. Give it a couple of months and maybe some more seeding of patches and the lawn will look great.

P.s. The top dressing acts as protection for the seeds. With it they are more likely to germinate. Therefore SPRINKLE it over the patches you put the seeds.

I think you are right welshgman

My lawn feed is from lidls....£3 99 for 100 sq metres ...and I too top dress with cheap compost.  I feed twice in the summer but mow twice a week.  Nice n rich green, soft and good to look at and sit dog loves it


got so pissed off with the adverts,i am now going to another many other people are doing the same thing

This is a free site - what do you think pays for it?


I've no really noticed the adverts. I for one love this site well planed out and easy to walk around. 


I live in Germany and can't get a machine to make the holes like the one in the video ,and at 500sq m. I tried doing it by hand no chance so I'm stuck with a rubbish lawn.

Grass seed was sown to a new lawn in September however the grass is patchy and slow growing, even taking account of the season. In some areas the grass is lush and about 6 inches high in others it is barely and inch tall. Some leaves are also yellowing. What has gone wrong and how can i get the new lawn growing as it should? It is about a quarter of an acre in total.

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