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Hello, I only have a few comfrey plants I would like to make an organic feed for my tomato plants and wondered could I mix comfrey plants and nettle leaves to achieve this, thank you


Hi Anthony, yes.  The more nettles you use, the higher the nitrogen content will be though so not quite so good for fruit but better for leafy things like brassicas.


I made a short video about this on youtube, then saw this on here, spooky :)
I made a short video about this on youtube, then saw this on here, spooky :)

Personally i prefer to add the comfrey to water straight away, then there is less smell.

Sorry first time on here and did not realise my comment would appear at the bottom of the page



Hi, someone was very to give me few milk container of comfrey water. But not sure where or which plant I can or cannot use. I have tomatoes in a grow bags, and indian broad beans n okra growing in A pot, later to be planted on a very small raised bed.

i have also planted few dahlias in the border with roses. I am very new to gardening and welcome all advise.

thank you

The previous allotment owner planted comfrey across the back of my plot and after slowly reaching that area to try to get it organised, I can ascertain that it certainly does come up everywhere. I have planted some in a pot for use as a fantastic accelerator in the compost heap and for fertiliser but in order to exterminate the rest I am going to have to resort to repeated attacks with weedkiller. This year I really had been looking forward to planting out raspberries in autumn there but I shall probably have to postpone that idea until I am certain the comfrey battle has been won. I don't want to be digging around the rasp roots to get it out and thus cause suckering.

Oh what fun!

How often should you use the diluted comfrey feed on pots and the vegetable garden?
could you use this as a lawn feed ?
Wow this is now dark brown and really smells strong of effluent . Not sure I won't to spread it round my garden . Will the smell disperse .

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