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13/03/2014 at 13:45

may i know how long does it takes to become compost ya? wanted to do this as my assignment but due to time constrain afraid that it doesn't rot completely... =( 

08/01/2016 at 17:44
Is it best to take the waste out of these green compostable bags that local Council supplies for kitchen waste or can you just throw in the whole bag?
08/01/2016 at 22:52

Dunno JS because we don't have anything like that here.

What does your council refuse collection department have to say?

09/01/2016 at 19:50

We have those little green bags, whilst they do bio degrade, I would tip the stuff out directly into the trench. Don't put anything cooked in there though, only veg waste.

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21 to 24 of 24 messages