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would probably be great but cannot get the video feeds to work
Iwas so excited when I discovered that there are video projects to watch especially because I need to build a pergola and then I was really disappointed to find out that I can't see the video!! I've downloaded the java 'doodas' but nothing happens. Can anybody help me or better still can anybody come and build my pergola for me?
i would love to have a pergola but i have a open garden with no walls around it . found the video very good is there any other way i could build one
Are you looking for: Pergola Designs Pergola Plans Goto:
i found this video interesting but where can you get the cables from and how much will all that stuff cost?


Are you looking for: Pergola Designs Pergola Plans Goto:

Building a pergola is not that difficult. I built one myself, starting from digging the foundation posts. You need to align the posts correctly while keeping them up with temporary braces. Once they are straight and aligned, you connect the top of the posts with the main beams and then the cross beams (or joists). Then you can fill back the foundation holes.

If you build your pergola on a pre existing patio, then you do not need to worry about foundation holes. Instead, you secure the posts with metal braces to the bottom and cross braces at the top between posts and beams in order to increase structural stability.

For durability I suggest to paint your pergola with a resin based wood stain to protect it from UVA, rain, rot and termites. Cedar, western red cedar, treated pine or fir are also naturally weather and termite resistant.





Termites Andy? In the UK??

I made mine out of wood. I bought round panel uprights 8 ft long from Scatts which just needed banging into the ground, either with a post basher or a bit of wood with a sledge hammer will also work. Then added 6" x 1" timber flat on top with two 6" x 1" screwed either side and a bit 6" x 6" on the end to make a trough. Lined it with plastic with holes drilled in the bottom of both the wood and plastic to allow drainage. Filled it with compost and vermiculite and plated it with ferns and vinca. Instead once putting the round panels in you can use the 1/2 roundels to screw on the top and plant, climbers up it. Its a lot easier than drilling walls which may need a hammer drill to get in them.
tracy 4

bet that would look lovely when flowering, unfortunately not all of us have two walls opposite each other. 

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