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nice one never thought about that one where can get or rehome
Hedgehog from as used have n one but not seen it for years
Hedgehogs are not pets and chances are if you don't have them then it's because they are not able to survive there. Or, as is often the case, you just haven't seen them yet. Google hedgehog dropping to see if you have any in your area/visiting your garden. About the size and width of a cigarette butt, black or dark brown with shiny bits from Beatles, snail shells etc. avoid using slug pellets and provide water/food and lots of cover.
Beetles, even. Darned predictive text.
Is there any tips on how to make a house for a hedghog, when you dont own a jigsaw, also i cant buy a house and i have a small garden with not much earth. i made a door in a green box for glass bottles and he goes in there for food, but then he goes when its time to sleep. any help would be nice xxxxx remembering money is tight so buying loads of wood just isnt going to work.

We made a successful hedgehog house from a sturdy wooden orangebox obtained from a greengrocer, part of one end removed for an entrance.  Covered with thick plastic stapled on, with cut outs at the sides for ventilation.  

I placed it in the corner of the garden with the entrance facing one of the fences and about 6" away, so it was like a little corridor, then I put some heavy bricks on top and around to protect from the wind etc.  

I got some pet hay from the garden centre and put some inside - not too much - later we watched a hedgehog gathering dry fallen leaves and taking them into the box.  

Make sure you choose a sheltered corner well where it won't flood in heavy rain or snowmelt.  

Of course, this sort of hedgehog house is only safe in a garden which cannot be accessed by dogs, foxes and badgers.  


What wood would you suggest to use in creating a hedgehog house? Is marine plywood ok?

Yes Marine Ply is good but you want it fairly thick, I would generally go for minimum of 3/4" and an inch thick if you can get it as it helps with insulation and prevents it rotting for a little longer.

The wood you mustn't use is the pre-treated wood as the preservatives can leach out and can be harmful to wildlife

If of any help I built a hog house myself recently and drew up the plans for my blog so I'm attaching them in case they prove useful to anyone...

I've had to cut and paste this picture so I hope it can be viewed ok? If not and anyone wants the plans just send me a personal message and I'll forward them on....




I recently contacted my local wildlife rescue home, described my garden to them and asked if I could have a couple of hedgehogs for my garden. They agreed and are going to contact me in the spring when they are out of hibernation, they are going to give me a male and female   I'm also asking neighbours to cut small holes in their fences to allow walk-ways for for them. There's no guarantee that they will settle in the home I build for them but it's a start.

Sounds like a good plan kjdintown.

Am I right in thinking hedgehogs like eating slugs and snails.

Will this hedgehog house hold more than 1 hedgehog as I have got 2 in my back garden I have had the 1 since January and found the other one recently by the road so I put him in the back garden as well what I really want to know is will they both happily use the same house or will they fight

I saved eight babies last year if you ever see any in the day there's something wrong I took them to a local hedgehog rescue and luckerly they didn't have fly strike which is a horrible thing to happen to them,took me a couple of nights to round up the little ones after saving two in the hot sunny day,think the mum must have been killed,they all made it and the nurse lol said they were really young babies bless

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