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I have been thinking of making some raised beds to grow vegetables and salad crops next year. I love the design of this planter so I think I will make it or a few. They will sit nicely on my deck.

It would be helpful if the measurements were provided in feet/inches for those of us over the pond. Looks like a good plan - doing it this weekend.

Just built one of these and have the timber to make a second, first one looks great and I'm sue the second will be even better! Just need to plant them up now!
My dad has just made this for me and its fab! Recommend it. Not sure what to put in it now though :-) Its full sun with typical Lincolnshire winds....any suggestions ??


Gardendiynovice is right - the screw holes need to be drilled off-centre to prevent the screw above hitting the screw below!  otherwise this is an easy, attractive project that used up some scrap lengths of two by two, and earned me Brownie points from my wife!


Made two of these, one for the front garden and the other for the back. The front garden had an inspection lid for a drain, so this beauty covered it perfectly. The back garden was filled with packing peanuts, these are small pieces of polystyrene which is used as protective packaging, a nice layer of compost and loads of Sweet William plants. My first Grandson was born, and he is named William, the planters look fabulous, thank you for such a great idea and a brilliant addition to our garden.

Re above description, I will start again, I made two of these planters, however, I should had mentined that each planter was half filled with the polystyrene packing peanuts and then the planter was filled with compost, I hope this has cleared up the confusion.

I want to make wooden planters with screen at back to corden of side of garden because I cant but up fenceing because of service supplies under neath
looks great will try to build it this weekend
Lloydi DIY novice

I built one of these this weekend and I am so pleased with it. Thank you for the inspiration.

I used the structure and idea and then turned it into something that would fit my garden. By the way, I have never done any carpentry or anything like this before. DIYnovice me ! My changes to the above project are as follows: I used 7cm x 4.7cm treated timber instead of 5x5cm to give a little more height. I used the following screws: 4mm (wide) x 7mm (long) x 100 (quantity). As timber and screws were the same dimension, I had to cut an edge off every piece of timber. You will need a saw for this, and a pencil, ruler and common sense. See pics. It gives it a professional finish. My planter is much bigger and in fact I haven't put a base on it as I wanted to use it as a base to build a rockery without the earth propping up against the fencing. Hope that makes sense. Hints: use a screw at each end of every piece of timber (hence 100 screws used). Put screws in off centre in order to avoid the screw below. Use a drill (4mm wood drill piece) and make a hole half way in order to stop wood from splitting. 

My structure is double tiered at top and is 2.4m wide on one side and 1.6m wide on the other. I used the following timber lengths and got the timber merchant to cut and supply. (£104 including timber, cutting, screws and 3 metposts for corner supports) Lengths used: 2.4mx6, 2mx3, 1.6mx4, 1.2mx4, 65cmx8, 55cmx2, 40cmx20 @ £3.58 per 2.4m plus 10p per cut. 

Hope you enjoy yours and many thanks for the inspiration. 


I made a video of how I made this planter - if it helps anyone :)

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