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Looks really smart, I'm not a DIY expert but I'd like to have a go at this!
this looks great will definitely try this out!
very impressive ill show it to my husband to see if he will have a go
very nice! might have a bash at that myself!!!
Great planter - Some plans for a garden/allotment shed would be good - on the lines of unitised walls etc so it is easily adapted in size for various uses. Stu20


How about plans for a garden shed or storage bunker for tools? Many of the ones available commercially are pretty flimsy and expensive for what they are and it would be good to be able to build one to suit my own needs and garden space. David.
I'll have to have a go at this
excellent feature for the corner of the patio
I love how this looks. We are building my daughter and her husband a low level deck soon and we need something to put on the high corner and this looks like it will work just right. I have a question though. Since the plants will be draining directly onto the deck boards do I have to worry about the wood rotting underneath? Of course, the deck is also built with pressure treated lumber.
Being a novice to this could someone where the screws should go. My thoughts are that if you drill holes in the end of each of the lengths and then alternate the layers you will get a clash! Or am I just being really stupid and I should just attach the wooden pieces where I see fit until the final layer? Any help would be appreciated as I am hoping to attempt this this coming weekend. Thanks

there is no mention of joining the layers together.

obviously by screw, but any recommendations?

would love one of these for my herb garden...
had a go at making planters out of pallets but these look alot better will try and have a go making these


Looks awesome !!!!.... will make next weekend .
Well i know i have some wood on the garage so i might have a go at this ,wish me luck .
built this on saturday. looks great. total cost: 16 euros. thanks Adam
neil D
i'm doing this tomorrow got the wood just need the nails.
Does it matter how tall the wooden planter is? We have a rabbit and I want the planters raised to waist height so the rabbit can't get in and also to save my father in laws back!!!! How high can you go with this particular planter please?