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So that's what I've been doing wrong ! Thank you
All I want to know is how and when to transplant roses -this must be to hard as I cant find an answer
You transplant roses in either spring or autumn, but before the ground freezes. They must establish themselves which takes about 6 to 8 weeks before they are exposed to very cold or wet weather.
Can I use chestnut leaves for leaf mould?



Any diciduous leaves that fall  bob. Just gather them up and if you don't have room for a purpose made mesh bin you can bag them in black bin bags and store them out the way. Make a few holes in them first. 

I've never found my bagged leaf mould has fully rotted. Should you occasionally shake them up a bit?

My tip for those lacking lots of leaves - head out and gather some up from a the gutters. Yes there's probably some car pollution in it, but that will likely be over everything already anyhow.


Nick make sure it stays moist in the bag, and shaking them up is ok, it has the same effect as turning compost.

I went onto our main road last weekend which sits parrallel to the woods - i collected 5 bin bags and 3 jute sacks of leaves - i bet everyone driving padt wandered what the heck i was doing!! I have been wanting to collect them for the past couple of years but plucked up the courage this year - dont know what i was frightened of lol - I cant wait for the spring to see how its going - i may then leave it until i can use it as potting compost.......

I am using builders bags,with chicken wire on top to stop the leaves blowing around. They rot down by half in the first year,and take a couple of years to be usable.


go to your local park, they're usually ok with you taking away a few bin bags full,

just as long as you don't start removal on an industrial scale!

also if you're doing your last grass cut of the season mix some into the leaves (or run over the leaves on your lawn with the lawn mower), it helps them rot down quicker.

I usually get mine from the park but last year when driving past a house were the guy was bagging up leaves, stopped to ask if I could have them, he was more than happy to load them into the car. 

He was doing the same thing last weekend so collected 8 bags and a further 6 this evening...

Do they need light to rot down, I have a disused coal bucker is this suitable.

I collected up the leaves from the trees in my garden (oak and cherry blossom tree) last autumn and the autumn before putting them into bin bags and making a few holes in them.  I stored them behind my shed.  However when I went to use the first lot, I found that a lot of the leaves were not dry or crumbly but in wet clumps.  What did I do wrong please?


Its best to chop the leaves with a lawn mower.
If kept in black bags, you need a lot of holes punched into it and it helps to rotate the bags every few months.

I leave mine in bags for over a year plus . then  hoe in to beds and borders

If the leaves are too wet and compacted into clumps, it'll take a looooong time

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