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23/03/2012 at 07:16
23/03/2012 at 13:47
yea! I live in Ireland, and I did track down somewhere that sells bundles of willow sticks for planting, but I don't know much about coppicing willow. It's something Id love to do so I could have a ready supply of willow canes.
23/03/2012 at 14:03

what will the willow be used?

23/03/2012 at 20:55
by a river/waterway?
29/03/2012 at 12:40
You can buy willow withies from based in Somerset. I managed to buy half a bundle and after several projects there is still plenty left.

The willow is much easier to manipulate if it is soaked overnight in a bath or pond.
04/11/2013 at 20:25
This is an idea I have never thought of and as a florist used to thinking "outside the box" that worries me - how many other good tricks have I missed along the way? Good winter project for wet Saturdays when I can't get into the garden!
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6 messages