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I found the video on dahlia's to be amazing. As a new gardener who planted up about 6 dahlias this year I so enjoyed them it would be lovely to double/treble my original plants. Either to enjoy or share.
when do you plant dahlia tubers out into the garden
Right. I've done this. Where's the advice on the next step - i.e. what do you do next now that the shoots have grown on the tubers? We seem to be only getting half a tale on this website as all I can find on taking dahlia cuttings now seems to be taking them from other plants not the shoots on the tubers.

You are the second person today who says they cant see a video-but I can -could it be a browser problem?


I canot see this video either.

I left my Dahlia tuba in the soil over winter and although the eye is covered in soil the tubas are firm and don't seem moist. If Can dry this out now and re plant in a couple of weeks will I save the plant?? Also, one of the tubas broke off, can I cultivate from this?



Hi Allison, best to[ leave it where it is - lifting now won't help it at all.  Watch for slugs and snails though - if it does start growing they will eat the shoots overnight (and may already be doing that!)  Separated dahlia tubers won't produce shoots - those only appear from close to the base of the old stem in the centre.

Hi I am also new gardener I have watched video which I found very good but after you have done that with tubers my question is do you have to keep the tubers moist whilst waiting for shoots to develop and then keep them watered until you plant the tubers back in the garden.


there are a lot of vids on dahlia cuttings on youtube

I have been in the garden for a couple of years,the past 2 years since I bought a greenhouse..I like the dahlias after last winter I have a lot of dahlia they are like dried prunes,looking for some advice.?




give them some water, but don't totally soak them . You should get new growth soon. It's still only April remember.

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