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Talkback: How to plant long-cane raspberries

again have acquired 30+raspberry i leave them to grow to establish what they are i:e early middle or late cropping.or prune them ha...

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again have acquired 30+raspberry i leave them to grow to establish what they are i:e early middle or late cropping.or prune them hard & take it from there.there are several canes per plant

How long are the canes you have Michael?

If they are long, do any of the canes have the remains of last year's fruit  clusters and calyces on them, or are they 'new canes'?

I would cut down to ground level any cane with the remains of fruiting spurs/calyces on them.   If that is all of the canes then you are likely to be in possession of an autumn-fruiting variety.

If that is only some of them or none of them, then the variety is likely to be summer-fruiting.

Does that make sense - I know what I mean 


The ones being sold as "long cane" raspberries should fruit this year with no pruning.

 What variety are they?

havent explained properly

have acquired an allotment with them allready in situ.they are all 6ft high,lots of canes per plant but look spindly.had a quick look again & there seems to be no buds etc on them


Have they got any little side shoots, twiggy bits where they fruited last year?  If not then they're likely to be summer fruiting raspberries.  Tie them in to supports and give them a dose of potash and make sure you've got room in the freezer 



And cut out the spindliest ones, leaving a maximum of five canes per plant.

thank you all for your help.ive obviously been lucky to obtain this plot.there are three trees there that have been hoping they will give themselves away in blossom/spring.

again thank doubt i will need you again.


Sounds as if you've landed on your feet with that allotment Michael   Looking forward to hear of the progress!

yes lucky boy

there are 24 autumn canes & 12 summer

found 2 grapevines as well however i no what to do with those & feb is the month to prune them back

countless foxgloves,forget me nots & on the corner smoothered in grass 5x old old carmations!!!

Bought Autumn Bliss last year and had a few fruits first year - lovely. However, I had not realised they were such thugs - from the 10 original plants we have had about 40 runners coming up this spring anything up to 6 feet away from the original neat row !
Am now trying to find stockist of root barrier plastic sheeting as used to control bamboo !
Be warned !

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