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I have bought a pot of leek seedlings. Should I pot them on before planting out?

alright geez

I have lots of very small leeks that I planted out last year, didn't thin out and so I left in over the winter. They all have very good roots on them so I wondered it I could thin them out and re-plant them this year. If so, when should I do this and what depth of soil would be ideal to obtain large leeks?

Colcos, you could pot them up and grow on until the soil is warm enough to put them out.

Brenda, normally we plant ours in early May when the soil is warm here. In milder areas you can do it earlier.

Jennie, saldly no matter what you do, those leeks will go to seed now. Best would be to eat them before that happens.




I grew leeks for the first time last season, (which as I'm sure we all remember wasn't the best...). Anyway, I thought I'd failed as they aren't as big as the shop bought ones...but the flavour is fantastic! So pleased, definitely do them again.


Did I read somewhere that you just spike a hole in the ground, deep, and drop the leek plant in and leave it loose! perhaps I dreamt that.  Any ever heard of that?


Yes, that's often advised and you fill the hole with water afyer popping the seedling in. I think it's meant to reduce the amount of soil that gets worked in between the layers of leaves. Must say I didn't do that (maybe that's why I got tiddly leeks...I squished 'em). 


Yes, I thought I had seen it somewhere, this will be my first year of growing some veg, never thought it worth the money and effort when you can buy a huge bag of carrots for £1. etc. Although, runner beans are definitely worth it at 8 beans  for a £1.


I did that as it was first time I had grown them, still have 3 left to pull out. Apparently the deep hole is to do with getting white stems

My wife insists that the roots as well as the leaves should be trimmed when planting out leeks. Any comment?
Should the roots as well as the leaves not also be trimmed?

I honestly don't think it matters.  I never trim the roots when transplanting leeks, but know others who do.  Planting into holes made with a dibber does help keep the stems blanched - that's pretty universal.

My leeks bolted and went to seed while I was on holiday. They are lovely, How do I harvest the seeds.



Hi Gillian, wait until the seeds begin turning black.  When they are at that stage, cut the flower heads off and finish drying them in a large paper bag - the seeds will drop out when they are dry if you give the bag a shake.

2nd year we have planted leeks it looks like they are the same this year thin like spring onions dont know what we are doing wrong

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