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Is it possible to grow rhubarb in containers?
When is the best time for me to transplant my rhubarb from my garden pots to my allotment?
Yes!! You can definitely grow rhubarb successfully in large pots, I've been doing it for years. Although I think it will do better in the ground, hence why I'm taking my plants to my allotment!!
I have been moving my rhubarb patch-a 3 year project and the last bit will move this Autumn. If anyone uses a Bokashi bin for waste food, the rhubarb loves the decomposed stuff.


We planted our rhubarb 3 years ago into a raised bed, and left them the first year, but the second year, they were attacked by slugs and snails, so last summer we surrounded the outside of the bed with wire netting, and used a staple gun to attach this to the wooden frame of the bed.
We bent the top of the wire outwards, and this prevented the invasion of any unwanted visitors.
So from last winter to now, we pulled 2 kilos of Rhubarb from 3 crowns, which are now converted into Rhubarb fools, & in our freezer, delicious.

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