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Off to plant my onions and shallots now I know how to .
Just wondering if it would still be okay to plant out shallots this week with the cold weather coming
I don't have heirloom shallots, altho I found the idea of leaving one plant to seed a good one, although how long do shallot seeds take to grow into bulbs? Do I need to lift them and overwinter? I really needed to know how far apart to grow shallots in a container.
I have planted out shallots in trays in the greenhouse, early jan. however they was in seed form and not in bulb! Was this a good idea as i am a novice allotment owner. Alot of ppl seam to be planting out bulb form?
Lewis T
Where did Monty get this galvanised pot please?


hollie hock

Hello, I've bought my very first shallots sets- Golden Gourmet I think they are called. There is so much conflicting advice out there. When should I plant them?

Thanks for any advice

I always plant my shallots now, but put an open ended cloche over the top to stop them getting waterlogged or frozen if we have a cold snap.

That will also help prevent birds pulling them up

michael mpc

hi all  have planted my shallots in between garlic  in my raised bed put fleece oround them with strong sticks around and stappeld to wood   made my onion bed  and put slug pellets dowm first  pinned it and put 3x3 on edges  and 1foot by 2 paving  on top and pined with larger pins  if it looks good next week if ok ???? will plant sets   

Mel M

Planted my Red Sun shallots last week (£1.99 for 16 good sized ones at B+M) Following the enormously high westerly winds we had last night I shall probably find them in next doors plot!! Still, I have some Zebrune grown from seed coming on for planting at a later date.

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