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Not quite sure what was meant about staying in tall pot for life. Don't these get planted outside in the soil. If I'm being dim...sorry!
Didn't know that you could grow 2 per pot....will be potting mine on to-morrow and doing a lot of pinching out... this will be my first effort, growing sweet peas from seed....
Seems to miss saying what time of year you pot on the sweet peas and then says do not plant out for 3/4 weeks, from what month? I am starting my sweet peas this week Oct. but need to know when I pot on.
wanted to learn how to grow sweet peas from seed and then pot them on. Found it confusing that monty advised using 3 inch pots, then for the potting on video sarah takes over going from root trainers into pots. wouldnt it of been more helpful if the advice was just from one expert, then the videos would link much better from stage to stage. I was also abit dissapointed that varietys werent mentioned (are there any eaiser types to grow? etc) as the videos are obviously aimed at beginers.
damn i have done mine all wrong. start again! *note to self* dont move from trays too soon. dammit


The pinching out advise was useful though liked the `rugby player to athelete` analigy.
Ha ha I asked my partner to sow them as 'married couples' and when they came up a few of them were in 3s and 4s - says a lot a about his ideas on marriage.
I have just grown my sweet peas from seeds. I used peat pots which can be placed straight in the ground or plant pots once the roots have grown through the sides of the pots. I put one sweet pea seed per pot and have just planted them out today. Peat pots are great because there is no risk of damaging the roots or delicate stems when re potting

Take heed posters...David K is "the man" when it comes to sweet peas.

I have some trailing sweet peas do these also need pinching out as do climbing sweet peas/

I potted mine up yesterday into three inch pots. These are my autumn sown ones, first time I have sown in autumn.

I always give mine a little tripod so they have somewhere to go!

It takes a while but it's worth it and stops them getting too straggly. I plant them out with the tripods still in place.

i shall be sowing more this week so will be able to compare how the two lots compare. People say that autumn sown ones do better - but I'm not so sure. What do the rest of you think?

Hi flower lady. I started mine autumn for the first time too, in tall paper tubes They have done well, having survived being turned upside  down when their mini greenhouse blew over - 3 times throughout the winter! Debating what to Do with them now, as they are quite big an sturdy but I don't think I should plant out yet. Thinking of putting three tubes into a larger pot with a mini wigwam......


I'm the same Caroline. Mine are doing well, but is it too early to pot up for outside?

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