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We bought our tree and set it up only to find that within a day we seem to be losing quite a few needles. Once the needles begin to drop is there any way to reverse the condition. The stand is full of water and a preservative mix. We would like to prolong the life of our tree since Christmas is still 10 days away. Thank you for your time.

A few drops of bleach in the water is reckoned to work

This was a great source of information, I wanted to tell you that I used it in my article on Christmas tree needle drop: :) I found and included some really interesting facts about actual scientists took on the job of stopping Christmas tree needle drop!

I really don't think there's an issue with the old style fir tree. Keep it outside when you buy it, cut a few inches off the bottom and put it in a bucket of water. Bring it in about a week before Christmas - don't expect it to look good for four or five weeks - make sure it has plenty of water throughout it's time indoors. Keep it away from radiators or any other obvious major heat sources. No problems 


or buy a fake one? 


Fairygirl is spot on , the only difference use to store it in garage in bucket of water before use

When we use to have a Christmas tree , use to put in Conservatorty and it last well 

I remember seeing some where you can buy a spray to reduce needle loss

best of luck 


I have bought Nordmann firs for the last few years. I have the bottom inch cut off the stem by the farmer with his chainsaw when I buy it. Then I soak it in a bucket of water for a few days before I bring it in. It goes in a stand with water in the base that gets the occasional top up. I keep it away from radiators. It usually lasts up to twelth night, when it comes down, with very little needle drop.

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